Help me find a place to fly to..

Sorry about ending that with a preposition, but it sounded a bit pompus to say, “…to which to fly.”

Anyway, I ended up with a ticket to fly anywhere (within the 48 contiguous U.S. states) and back that United Airline flies. I have to use it before August 5 or so. I don’t know where to go. I would just as soon not go anywhere where I would have to pay a lot of money on taxis or hotels.

I suppose I could go to Vegas and stay up for a couple of days gambling, people watching and catching shows, but Vegas in the middle of summer? For that matter rooms are pretty reasonable there.

So any suggestions? Any neat festivals, celebrataions or mellow concerts with tickets still available happening in the next few weeks?

It is your duty to go as far as feasibly possible, since it is the same price (free!) either way. So the tip of Maine or the far south of Florida, take your pick.

I agre. It’s a lovely time of year to visit Maine.

I’ve always wanted to go to Atlantic City. Maine, too, for that matter. I’ve never really seen the east coast - except for Hilton Head once when I was a teen with my family. Oh - and Florida.

Any big city will have expensive hotels, but I would imagine if you go to NYC you could get by very well with just walking and public transit. San Francisco might be another option.

Only select non-stop destinations. Only a take a carryon with what you need.

After all, you will be flying United Airlines.

I don’t know if United flies there, but Yeah, that does sound good. Also, it is a state I haven’t visited yet. I will check into it.Captain C good initial suggestion!