I just won two airline tickets!

For contributing to our company’s United Way campaign I was entered in a drawing and won the grand prize: two United Airlines tickets worth $500 maximum each!

So, where should I go?

I don’t know yet about black-out dates, expiration dates, etc.

Hard to say without knowing how soon you have to use them and how much spending cash you’ll have available for hotels and touristy-type stuff, but my first inclination is to tell you to hit either coast. Of course, I also don’t know where you’ve been before and where you haven’t, so I think I’ve just rendered myself completely useless to you. :smack:

Nevertheless, congratulations! Awesome prize for doing something worthy. Well done.

Way cool!

Can you add a few bucks and use them for a trip to Europe?

Fly to London (usually one of the cheapest fare destinations from US to Europe) and then go by train around Europe and return to London.

If you don’t have anyone to take with you, well…ahem, uh, geegolly…I can get my passport renewed really quickly!

I’d definitely be up for either coast! I’m thinking San Fran right now (never been). And I’m not loaded but I can afford meals and stuff.

I’ve got 3 ideas for you:

  1. If you could add a little money to the tickets, you might want to consider jaunting off to Rio. I love that city. Well, the south zone of it, anyway.

  2. How about using those tickets to land in Cancun? I’m not a big fan of Cancun itself, but you could land there and then get on a bus, head for Merida or Valladolid, go check out Chichen Itza and pretty colonial architecture and Yucatecan cuisine, which is scrumptious. Then you could head into Guatemala and/or Belize before you had to go home again. That would be pretty cool.

  3. Montreal’s a neat place, too.

Well, OK–I have 4 ideas, not 3.

  1. How long do you have to use the tickets? IIRC, airfares to London can drop into the US$400-500 range in winter. Then you could do what DMark suggests for cheap.

Oh, and, if DMark can’t go with you when you decide to go…my passport is valid for a few years, yet. :D\

And I have a pretty flexible schedule.