Where to have my Mom's 60th birthday (in or about IL)?

Hi guys, I am looking for recommendations about where I can have my mom’s birthday party. We will have a pretty large crew to deal with–like 40 to 60 people. For her 50th we reserved a couple cabins at Eagle Creek in Ohio. A place my Aunt suggested was The Abbey in Lake Geneva. So I guess we’re looking for a resort-y place not too far away from north Illinois for the weekend. Mother likes good food, doesn’t play golf (though the uncles do, so that might be a consideration). Anyone have any suggestions?

Pheasant Run in St. Charles is a really nice place.

I’ll second Pheasant Run. My folks’ve been there twice (without me, alas), and they really liked it both times.

Starved Rock State Park - great lodge with some awesome scenery and places to walk. Across the road they just build a huge new complex with an indoor waterpark and some nice rooms and outdoor restaurants.

Eaglewood is gorgeous - as is Indian Lakes - both have golfing, fine dining, spas, etc.

[urlhttp://marriott.com/property/propertypage/chiln]The Marriott Lincolnshire also has golf and theater packages which might appeal to everyone.


Marriott Lincolnshire

Thanks, guys! I hadn’t thought of Pheasant Run–I was actually there a few years back (saw Sinbad at some awards show thingy). Starved Rock would be great, I’ve always wanted to go there but I didn’t know if they had decent lodging. Eaglewood and Indian Lakes look really nice too. The Marriott would be very convenient for me (I’m in Chicago). I’ll have to send all of these to my aunt. Keep the ideas coming!

Lake Lawn in Delavan is nice too…and it’s not a bad trip from Chicago either. They also have family “lofts” and deluxe rooms.

Oh, and across the road from Starved Rock is the brand new Grand Bear Lodge. I no longer live in the area, and haven’t seen it, but my family who still lives there says it is pretty spectacular.