Where to look for "Account Executive" jobs (new grad)

Does anyone have experience in the area of the “Account Executive” (i.e. a company rep who travels to accounts, keeps current customers and prospects new business).

I know a ton of companies have this role but I am having a hard time finding some decent ones.

I basically want to find a company that hires college grades for this sort of role so I can get my feet wet and maybe transfer such experience to a career in pharmaceutical sales or something a little more experience-reliant.

I have 5 years experience in inside sales, which is not looked that highly upon (they want outside sales…i.e. driving around sales experience), and I have a business-to-business internship that let me help outside sales execs.

Thanks guys.

I should also note that my 5 years of experience was part-time during college.

Where is your location? I used to work in the supermarket industry at a New England chain headquarters. All large vendors (P&G, Kraft etc.) have people that do that job. They visit the chains in the area, cut deals with the merchandisers, set up promotions, keep data updated etc. At big chains they may even have a younger rep in house full-time. There isn’t a lot of hard selling because big businesses basically know what they want but there is a lot of negotiation and business maneuvering. There should be some jobs like that in any city. Walk through a supermarket and make a note of large product lines that they have on the shelves to think of leads. Smaller food companies tend to have people that do more hard-selling.

I live in Buffalo NY. I may look into that. Some other places include office equipment field sales and stuff too it seems.

Just looking for some experience :slight_smile:


Have you considered working for a pharmaceutical company? I see a shit-ton of drug reps handing out pens every time I go to the doctor’s office.

Way to skim the OP there, black rabbit.

FWIW, I’ve got a cousin who was hired straight out of college as a drug rep in the greater Cincinnati area. She did have about a year of experience hawking ads for the Yellow Pages from a break in her college career, though.