Where to put the snakes while we exterminate the building?

As some of you may be aware, my husband and I own an apartment building in WV. We live in the building. Since moving in several months ago, I’ve seen a few roaches in the apartment. Other tenants say they see them occasionally, too. Well, duh. If one unit has 'em, they’ll all have 'em.

Anyway, on Thursday, the entire building is be fumigated for bugs. All the tenants know that they have to arrange to be gone for several hours on Thursday morning, and the ones that have dogs and cats know the pets have to be gone, too.

We have a cat, but he’s no problem. I’ll just put him in his carrier on the back porch; he won’t be happy about it, but he’ll get over it.

The problem is with my daughter’s snakes. She has three of them, in three separate cages. I can’t just sit the cages outside because the snakes have to stay at least relatively warm, and it would just be too cold for them. I have no relatives in the area that I could leave them with. I haven’t been here long enough to make many friends, and the one woman who works at City Hall that I’m friendly with would curl up and die at the thought of snakes, even caged ones, being in her home for several hours.

So, what’s your best suggestion of what I can do with the snakes while the building is being “bombed”?

Hotel room?

Hmmmm. That’s a possibility I hadn’t considered. Of course, the closest hotel is a half-hour away. By the time I transported them there and back again, it would be almost half the time I need to have them gone. . .

I wonder, though. What if I put up a sign at the local grocery store saying I’ll pay XX amount of money for “snake storage” for the morning. . .

Board them with the vet?

There’s a veterinary clinic just 9.5 miles away. I’ll call them tomorrow and see. Great idea!

What kind of snakes? Can’t you just stick them in a box in the back of your car? Warm enough and they don’t need much care for a few hours, even a few days if they’re boas.

There are two corn snakes, and one ball python; yes, putting them in the back of the car with a blanket thrown over them (just for good measure) was an option I was already considering. It’s very (unseasonably) warm today; if the weather doesn’t turn drastically between now and Thursday, the back of the car would work fine.

I was just putting out feelers for other ideas, because the weather might turn.

“I’m sick of these mf snakes in this mf building!”

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:

You could’ve if you’d really tried. :smiley:

Put them in a cooler or some other insulated container with a heating pad and run an extension cord from the house. You would have to monitor them to make sure they didn’t get too warm. I would put them in a cloth sack or pillow case (tied shut) to thwart escapes.

Hubby already advised that if I take them out of their cages, to put them in pillow cases (though he said the three snakes could probably share two pillow cases), but I didn’t think of putting them in an insulated container! That might be just what they need!

I won’t be here to monitor them (because I have to be gone, too), but if the container is above 70 when I put them in there, and it’s for four hours, they should be OK, right? I’ll have to ask hubby about that. When he was growing up, his father always kept a number of snakes.