Snakes On Planes? Try Snakes In A Kitchen!

We’ve got a snake. Not by choice.

I’ll start out by saying that I’ll just bet that this is the same black rat snake (Around 3’ long) that I found on the front porch this past August or September, that I grabbed, and brought in for my daughter to see. We took it back outside, and let it go. It headed straight back toward the house, and it slithered straight up at least 2’ of the foundation block, and went under the bottom of the siding on the house. I’ll assume it got in that way, somehow, and came up into the house through the basement.

I’m sort of ok with it…I’m not afraid, or anything, because I know it’s not going to hurt us. It’s just a snake, and nothing poisonous. Not a huge issue, since we like them well enough. My daughter is ok with it, but she doesn’t want to wake up with it in bed with her. :eek:
Even if we were bitten by it, it’s nothing a quick tetanus shot wouldn’t cure.
Anyway…He (Or she, I have no idea which!) is, the last time I saw it, under the fridge, as of about an hour ago.

I was talking to my husband on the phone (He’s an OTR truck driver, and he called to let me know he was done for the day, and that he might be home on Saturday.), when I noticed one of the cats up here on the desk with me, and he was half in, and half out of his bed, all hunkered down, and looking into the kitchen. So, I turned around and looked in there, too…I noticed four of the other cats in there, all converged around the fridge. I went in there, turned on the light, and saw the tail end of the snake, as it was sticking out from under the front of the fridge.
I dropped the phone, and hit the floor, and grabbed it, but it scooted right away from me. Crap. Apparently, I didn’t have a very good grip on the little guy.

I hope the cats don’t hurt it, though. I’m more worried about our birds.
They live in the bathroom, but the snake could easily get in there, under the door, and make a meal out of the parakeets, and/or the finch. I’ve taken care of that little problem, by stuffing a towel along the length of the bottom of the door, really tightly, so the snake can’t fit under it. I hope. Snakes are sneaky, though. :frowning:

Now, it’s a waiting game…

I am so glad you don’t want to harm it, but as much as I like snakes myself I wouldn’t want one loose in my house. Good luck catching it and moving it out.

The mental picture of the cats surrounding the fridge is flat-out hilarious!

It seems like the cats have calmed down. They were all spazzy for awhile.

“I am sick of these motherfuckin’ snakes in this motherfuckin’ kitchen!”

At least it wasn’t a python attacking the children, as was the case for this woman in Queensland.

I don’t want to scare you or anything, but your birds might be in a lot of danger. As you have already noticed, snakes can get into really REALLY small places.

Yep. I know. I’ll do what I can to protect them.

No updates. The cats have seemed to have forgotten all about it. They were quite riled for a couple of hours after the discovery, but not so much, anymore. :dubious:

[hijack] Your OP reminds me of when I was a kid and we were visiting an uncle and his family. Tow of my guy cousins found a small garter snake, put it in a bag, and brought it in the house. They told their mother they had found a kitten. She looked, and screamed. They proceeded through the house and pulled the same routine on several of their sisters. You could track their progress from the direction of the screams. “Upstairs, front bedroom? Must have been Caroline”. [/hijack]

And good for you for wanting to just catch and release the guy. Too many times, snakes get a bad rap.