Holy Crap! Why is that in my closet?!

This happened last week, but I’m just now getting a chance to post about it. There are things you expect when getting ready in the morning. A cat will invariably almost trip me on the way to my bedroom from the shower. I will not be able to find socks and boxers without holes in them. The shirt I was thinking about wearing will not be anywhere in my bedroom. I will have to search through my closet, but will eventually find a decent substitute. I will pull a shirt out of the closet I was rifling through only to notice the snake nestled firmly in the hangers. I will not be… wait, that last one wasn’t right, what the hell is going on here? Now I live in the middle of Baton Rouge, LA. I’ve never even seen a snake in the city, and the first one just happened to be in my closet! I spent a substantial portion of my childhood in the country, so I recognized that it was a fairly harmless common garter snake very quickly. There was still a short period of OH SHIT! That’s not supposed to be there!, though. Not much else to tell, I recovered quickly, took a picture, and evicted the snake. Check it out here.

Okay, I would say, “Poor Snakie!!”; except that there probably isn’t much to eat inside your closet.

Maybe he was escaping from a marauding orange tomcat, like mine. :smiley:

He was actually pretty lucky, the cats aren’t allowed in the bedroom or he would have probably been killed, played with, and eaten. Not necessarily in that order. He was actually probably escaping the cold. It had been in the low 80s here, but the night before a cold front(and rather bad storm) came through.

Well, you’re still a lucky dude. The weirdest thing in my closet, usually, is me.

Oh man, I think I would have fainted.

I would have had to stay home from work, unless I had appropriate clothes somewhere else in the house. No way I’m going back into that closet. And my son would have gotten a phone call. Well, *somebody * has to get that thing out of there.

Dayum! That’d send me right into spontaneous autopoop overdrive.

Perhaps he was practising his camouflage and had been pretending to be a coathanger.

If my wife ever found a snake like that on her clothes, I’d be broke. We’d have to burn her wardrobe and buy a new one, then move. She is deathly afraid of snakes.

I’d have been startled, then done pretty much what you did.

I’m thinking he was puttin’ the moves on one of your belts. :wink:

I’m glad this snake story has a happy ending.

Heh…I thought this thread was going to be about horrific articles of clothing that you just can’t seem to part with. I was going to bring up my b&w zebra-striped jacket (c.1987) that I refuse to toss out.

As for the actual OP…Awwwwww…cute snake!

Fortunately, my wife was still in the shower at the time. If she had seen it first, or at all, I would probably have already had to move. Since she didn’t see it, though, it doesn’t seem to bother her too much. She was pretty worried about babies for a few days. They don’t usually give birth until late summer though, so we should be okay there. Either that or we will be attacked by a small army of snakes sometime in the near future. It seems they can give birth to as many as eighty babies!

Maybe he’s scared to explain it to his parents?

Snakes like closets.

A friend of the family lived in a fairly rural area. One day he took a shower. He got out, dripping wet, and opened the linnen closet to get a towel. Curled up nice and cozy on top of the towels was a 3’ long black snake. The snake decided it was time to get a move on, and started slitering out of the closet.
The friend ran out of the bathroom and grabbed the first thing he could find for snake wrangling - a snow shovel.
The snake made its way though the house, being chased by the wet, naked man attempting to bludgeon it with a snow shovel, until it found its way out the front door.
Unfortunately, no one was there with a camera.

I’m sick of these muthafuckin’ snakes in my muthafuckin’ closet!!
(:smiley: Sorry, couldn’t resist…)

I like snakes. Yours was cute. When I was in college, I was visiting a friend in his dorm and his neighbor across the hall ran in and thrust his pet snake in my face (really, a snake–not a euphemism for something else). I said, “Cool! A snake! Can I hold him?” He was very disappointed that I didn’t scream. Apparently, his great joy was scaring girls that way.

That said, finding a snake in my closet would freak me out. Everyone knows snakes belong in toilets.

Have you ruled out foul play :slight_smile:

Thank you, from the bottom of my wanna-be-a-herpetologist heart, for not hurting him.

After all, perhaps he thinks it’s HIS closet? :wink:

I’m with Jman on this. My wife would freak and we would need to burn everything.

She has already been traumatized … twice, in a similar fashion.

When she was in her early twenties, she taught at a boarding school in a teeny village in the distant williwags in northeast Brazil, a few dozen hours drive from Rio. She loved the place because of the bucolic setting, but on two separate occasions she had snakes enter her room.

She said the first time it happened she woke up at 6 or so in the morning and just barely saw its tail as it slithered under her closet door. She immediately left the room and went to find some boys to take care of it.
They were all laughing and joking as they told her they didn’t believe her, and nobody could find it.

Then they looked in a bag of pillow stuffing she had in there and they found the snake coiled up in the bottom of the bag. She said that it was a little tiny thing, less than a foot long; the guys told her that it was a highly venomous species as they carefully removed it.

The second time it happened they were less skeptical of her claims.

Cool, But that’s not actually a common Garter snake I don’t think. He’s much prettier than the boring common green ones around here, must be a sub-specie.