Great big snake in my kitchen

–somewhere. The cat brought it in, and while I was getting a box to take it back outside, it vanished into the milieu. At least there aren’t poisonous snakes around here. Having grown up around cottonmouths, I’m pretty happy I didn’t have such snake-happy cats back then.

And you? Any stories of vermin etc. to cheer me up as I wait for the snake to emerge? It usually takes about a day (yes, this is a semi-regular event, but this is a nice, big snake).

Last house, the roommate let in the cat from the garage in the dark.

“Oh, it has a rat!”

“Darn it, it’s alive!”

He poked at that rat for a long time after it ran inside the couch. I told him it was descended from the best hiders over 100K years, but he stabbed at it until he got tired. We just put the litter box in the living room and locked the cat in. Predictably, the rat made a run for it later, and the cat got it. Apparently, I woke up and let out the meowing cat, leaving the quarter of the rat on the floor, because it was 4am and I was sleepy.

When we were selling our first house, we had a couple planning to come over and take a look at it. I went down in the basement to check on something and found a nice, big ribbon snake sunning itself under the grow lights. “Holy crap,” I thought. I got the barbecue tongs and a pillow case, removed the snake and took it out to the garden. A day or two later, I found a rather moribund snake in the dining room. I couldn’t figure out how they were getting in. Then one of our cats comes bounding in through a hole in the screen on the porch with a snake in her mouth. Mystery solved. We fixed the screen.

Then we had a cat/bat incident. One evening, both cats were extraordinarily interested in something on the floor on the dining room. When I finally investigated, they had caught a bat and were batting it around, as 'twere. Because there have been rabid bats in the area, I took the bat to the county health department to have it tested. The results were “not enough cranial material to examine.” So not only had the cats caught the bat, they’d then devoured its head. Ewwwwwwww! (At least they were both up to date on their rabies shots.)

Look at it this way: at least you’re not on a PLANE!

Snakes on the range. How nice.

Well, if your back yard met certain specification, you might have had SNAKES ON A RANGE.

Be grateful. :slight_smile:


I hate mice. Like really. I consider myself a fairly feminist person but regarding mice…knock me up and point me toward the kitchen. Here’re my shoes for safekeeping. Just clean up the rodents.

So I live in an old basement apartment. About a year ago, I had mice. I could hear them. I complained to management, and they came in and sealed some stuff and also put down some bait.

I week or so ago I was trying to use my oven and the smoke alarm went off. I called management because I thought I could see mousy parts in the oven.

I discovered the dead one on one side of the stove (stuck in my broom). The manager discovered another in a glue trap I couldn’t quite see (I was too scared to check it). We thought that was the end.

But no.

Tonight we removed not one but TWO dead mice from inside my oven, under the broiler. I wondered why my oven rack was covered in mold…the manager was just as grossed out as I was. I kept asking, “Can’t I just get a new stove?” and he kept whacking my burners with my flashlight asking, “Is your stove broken yet?”

So, maybe not germane to your reptile problem, but definitely vermin related.



A few months ago, I was happily sitting in my apartment nestled snugly in blankets. I decided I needed more blankets (I guess it was more than a few months ago), so I went to the bedroom to grab another one.

Back on the couch, I remember yawning and then seeing this disgustingly large, awful spider with a giant mangled leg bolting out of my blankets and across the couch. This thing was flying faster than any spider should have the right to move. I needed to get a better look at this evil creature, so I leaned cautiously over the edge of the couch.

After a few moments, everything clicked in my head. The largeness, the weird, mangled leg, the sheer speed. I was looking into the beady eyes of a mouse. A mouse that had, moments ago, been snuggling with me in my blankets.

About a month later, my cat dragged it into the kitchen as a gift.

My recent bat encounter.