WHere was Dan Haggerty born?

I think this is better suited for GQ as opposed to Cafe. With the recent death of Dan Haggerty, I was interested to see he was born in Pound WI under the name of Gene Jajonski. (my friends mother of the same age is from the area) His Wiki page said so.

but now its been changed…to Los Angeles. And the internet is a mismatch of either born in Pound or LA. It looks like a lot of sites are recent changes. THere are instances where the google blurb with the link will say Pound, but when you click on the link the text says LA.

Which is it, and what is the deal with changes on the sites? Did someone make up the Pound WI story?

A lot of celebrities have at different times in the past given different birth information, and all of them have a lot of inertia. Baseball’s Dizzy Dean told contemporary reporters lots of different birth names and home towns, which got repeated without anybody ever trying to verify them, and you still see some spurious ones turning up. Tina Turner’s birthdate used to be listed as the same as mine, but then suddenly changed to one year later.