Where was the hearse?

Yesterday, I saw a string of cars that said “funeral”. Up front there were two cops on motorcycles. But there was no hearse? I’ve never seen such thing. Where was the body?

Cremated, perhaps?

Maybe the person had been cremated and the urn was being buried; no need for a hearse then.

Is there an echo in here? :smiley:

Nah, the first time was just a rehearsal.

You’ve urned ten demerits for that terrible pun.

Wait, it gets worse! The first time wasn’t the rehearsal, it was merely the hearsal. The second time was the rehearsal. (What do I urn for that?)

Cremation probably. And if the deceased was cremated there may have been no need for a funeral home and the services may have been at a church. Therefore, no hearse available. Even if a funeral home was utilized a hearse is not necessary to take the ashes to the graveyard (yes, some people bury ashes). Hearses cost extra and if they’re not needed, why pay for one?

Or maybe it was a mob funeral and the body was in the trunk of one of the cars.:smiley:

Somehow, picturing a big, black hearse with an urn sitting in the back just made me laugh.

Now, this is a grave situation.

A hearse is a hearse, of course, of course…

As traditional as some people are around here, I could see some people doing it. We did not when my aunt died–but that was because her cremation was entirely a practical concern, and she didn’t want us spending anything on it. They even wound up burying her between two plots we already owned.

Start laffin’.

My father’s “cremains” were transported to the National Cemetery in a hearse.

(the funeral director called it a “coach.”)

I’m dyin’ to hear more!

Was “Rio” by Duran Duran played at the graveside?