Where were you when the lights when out?

For me, I was sitting half-naked in my air-conditioned apartment in Ohio on a freed-up internet listening to my stereo and eating ice cream from my refrigerator…

Those affected by the power outage… you?

I was at home getting ready for a mendhi, my sister was straightening her hair, the power went out and I thought she blew a fuse for the house. But got word very quickly from my neighbor who works for the IMO that it wasnt just our area affected.

Quite an interesting and fun night for myself, and I got to see Mars.

I had just finished helping a friend move and we were both stading in line at Jack’s 99 cent store on 32nd. We were super-psyched about being able to lift a few cookies and a bottle of Gatorade, but smacked ourselves in the head for being at the wrong place as we passed by Macy’s, two blocks away.

Sleeping in my bed. When I woke up, my husband said the computer was F***d (just needed a reboot lol) and I didn’t know until 11:30 PM that it was actually a very serious thing, that we hadn’t just tripped a circuit breaker. How very boring MY story is.