Where would I sell a large hunk of silver? With pictures

I have several large pieces of silver boullion from an estate that I would like to sell. However, I do not know where to sell such things? I’m not sure if I go to a pawn shop, jewelery store, or what?
Here is a pic of the type of bars I have. They are of no sentimental value, right now they are just big hunks of silver. Any idea where to sell these? I’m in Phoenix. I know this is a rather obscure thing to ask but hey, when obscure things come up what better place to ask than here :slight_smile:

Take it to a coin dealer.

Check the prices on eBay first, then compare to what the coin dealer offers you.

Looks like a local coin shop will give me $65 USD per bar. Thanks a bunch folks!

Monex shows silver at just under $7 per ounce. (I’m not sure how reliable Monex is, it’s just the first thing that Google turned up on ‘silver spot price’). That’s probably for a large amount of silver, but getting 65 cents per ounce seems like a poor price.

Maybe the shop though they were 10 ounce bars ($6.50 per ounce)?

Hell, I’ll give you $70 bucks a bar.
At the going rate of $6.99 per troy ounce. I’d be doing you a favor and making a profit of $629.00 per 100 oz. bar. :dubious:

$65 for 100oz of silver? I’ll take one.

I hope that phlosphr meant $6.50/ounce.

That’s a fair price. I would have paid him $665/bar today, but he wasn’t in Hartville, Ohio.

Nationally, paying about 40-50 cents under spot is fair. The refineries are only paying about 15 cents under spot. So the poor dealer ain’t getting rich.

I’ll give you $5 for the whole lot. Can’t find a better deal ANYWHERE! Trust me, I’m a professional! :cool:

No, No, No folks!!! $65. per 10 troy ounces… I got 65 bucks a bar (bar being 10 troy oz.) I had 16 bars… :slight_smile: I was happy with that! My wife and I had been lugging them around for quite some time…

But why does the bar in the pic say 100 troy ounces then?

Ah nevermind, it’s the TYPE of bar, not the exact one.

I must be missing something, 'cause it looks like “100 TR. OZ.” to me.

But $65 for ten ounces isn’t bad.

We thunk he taked the pictures, but he didn’t. Same type, different “denomination”.

If you’re selling, I’m in the market for a bar or two. Interested?

Yeah, I’ve got to make some bullets…

      • I would second the “ask a coin dealer, but see if you can find any previous sales on ebay”. The bar inscription may give it value beyond its melt price.

So, Phlosphr, what you really meant was:

Here is a pic of the type of bars I have.”

You fool!! That was supposed to be your survival bullion!

Englehard bars are the most common around.