Where you be.

…take a picture of what you see.

Where I yam.

What I see

Untidy? Huh? Me?

What you’d see from where that webcam I salvaged is.

I see this.

You’d see this.

Not someone you’d want to run into in a dark alley.

My desk.

Note the Trigun desktop background and the twisty straw in my water glass.

My Hotel.

Not too shady.

My favorite part of the house…

I love it, it’s my slice of Geek Heaven.

Oooo…it’s almost like you’re seeing through my eyes

I don’t know, I’d take my chances.

You are purdy.

This is probably a bit inappropriate. But I thought the same thing. Maybe she’s the country’s cutest mugger? :smiley:

Bah, both of ye.

When I was a teenybopper, my best friend was chatting away with me about one of my current crushes of the time. She wanted to know what I would do in certain scenarios. Some kind of silly game we were playing, or something. Much giggling. Anyway, one of the things she asked me was: “What would you do if you met [current crush] all alone in a dark alley?”
Without missing a beat, I replied, “Take out my knife and stab him to death?”

There’s a moral in there, somewhere.

Eeek…until I read that, I was planning on being the third poster wanting to be in that dark alley…

I love you. You are the perfect combination of cute and evil.

Where I be? I be here in the WC with the PC.

Here’s where I am. The big can o’cashews is empty, but it took us several weeks to eat them all. So don’t go thinking I snarfed down 3 pounds of salted cashews in one sitting… The desk is semi-tidy because it’s too small to get too messy. You’ll notice I didn’t show you the inside of the drawers. :smiley:

Your picture raises so many questions, I don’t even know where to begin…

I think the lamp ate them

Here. Now rendered in incredibly-inaccurate color brought to you by my cellphone.

Here is my little corner. The dark lump is a hanky piled on a Jerry Garcia tie.