Whereabouts of the Manson Family?

Yes, I know Charlie’s in jail, so is “Squeaky Fromme” but I recall reading an interview with one of the members who was free and was apparently living in one of the Family’s hideouts and was “keeping the fires burning.” I can’t find the interview now, nor can I remember who it was, or where she was living. Anybody know?

Google is your friend .

Source: http://www.crimelibrary.com/manson/update1.htm

From the same cite:

This seems to be the person the OP seeks.


Somebody already got it while I was typing, but what the hell, here’s some more info:

Leslie Van Houten, Susan Atkins, Charles “Tex” Watson and others are also still in jail. The direct participants in the murders have been repeatedly denied parole, many would say for good reason.

The one you are thinking of is Sandra Good, I believe:


She apparently has sort of become Charlie’s amanuensis, handling his mail and maintaining a website proclaiming her ongoing devotion to him.

And whatever happened to Zezozose Zadfrack Glutz?

If ZZG refers to Manson’s child (by Atkins?), I vaguely recall he was raised by grandparents or some other family & is aware of his paternity but has no interest in exploring it.

The last chapter of the updated edition of Bugliosi’s HELTER SKELTER discusses “where are they now?”

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While looking for info on the remake (which was quite well done & had a different angle from the original) of HELTER SKELTER, I found an article about Manson “fans” (not necessarily true admirers but people who are fascinated by him, even while recognizing his evil) & it ended noting that there are probably older women out there trying to explain the faded X on their foreheads with a story about falling on a cookie cutter.