"Where'd You Go, Bernadette" movie: what did you think?

I saw Where’d You Go, Bernadette with Cate Blanchett yesterday, and was very pleased with it. I thought it was much better than the IMDB reviews stated. It was an interesting take on exploring the boundary between creativity and mental illness and how the context really determines the question, “art, or insanity?”

What did you think?


Wow, really no comments from anyone else? Am I the only one that liked it? Or maybe even saw it? :slight_smile:


I think someone made the mistake of opening a Richard Linklater film wide without platforming or word of mouth campaigns.

I enjoyed it for what it was, a minor film in his filmography. The performances were very good and some of the set pieces of acting shone, but it never really connected the dots as well as it could have.

Good summary. I also thought some of the actors (Kristen Wiig, Billy Crudup) were not utilised well.

I thought it was OK then I looked up traveling to the South Pole and anyone can go there, assuming you can pay $50,000. Was the movie set a a couple decades back?

“(I) was very pleased with it” - jharvey963

“I enjoyed it for what it was” - peccavi

“I thought it was OK” - infinitii
Boy, you guys make me want to rush out and see it. :smiley:

I read the book, which was fine. The twist that the later action relies on was quite obvious to me.

It certainly doesn’t cost $50,000 to go to Antarctica. I went a couple of years ago as a tourist for under $8,000.

I’m not talking about just going to Antarctica, I’m talking about the actual South Pole. The movie made it seem like only certain scientists approved after years of applying for grants could be allowed to go, but then I looked it up after and you can do it for like $50,000. A cruise to Antarctica is definitely affordable though for sure.

Just spotted this thread. We went to see it a week or two ago and quite enjoyed it. It really seemed to understand how difficult it is for certain personalities to get along with regular people.

Ah. The higher cost may be associated with flying in.

I agree that this film is generally underrated, but I can also imagine that it would appeal to a limited group of people, of whom I am one. Despite a pivot near the end to a more conventional and even slightly schmaltzy denouement (which many reviewers, oddly enough, seemed to consider the best part of the film!), overall I found it to be a strikingly original, delightfully quirky, yet fundamentally realistic-feeling character study.