Natalie Portman finally...

Yes, you know what comes after the suspense in the title. She finally gets… naked! :cool: Here, watch it:]

I thought it was a fabulous film. At 13 minutes long, it’s only one scene. Not much dialog but it certainly is intense. Intense, I might add, in an emotional sense, not in a pornographic sense (sorry guys).

What do you think of it? I liked it a lot.

Haven’t finished watching it yet, but it’s also available free right now via the iTunes Store for anyone who uses that.

Equally interested in what Wes Anderson’s doing as in seeing Ms. Portman unclothed.

Even though she’s most certainly naked, you don’t really see anything. Except her posterior and back. Which are very nice, she’s quite petite.

What? No shower scene? Bah.

I TOLD you it’s not pornographic! Sorry! But I still think it was a great scene. Did nobody else love the dialog? Am I the only person who paid attention? I just loved it. Brutal honesty and a physical relationship, how often do you have that? I wish I could experience that more often.

I had no sound at all on the clip. [Never mind. Fixed it by wiggling stuff.]

And no nudity. If you’re not showing your naughty bits you’re not naked. Can we sue for false advertising? (BTW, nudity and porn are two totally different things.)

All the bits I watched didn’t have any dialogue. It was awfully slow pacing.

What’s with the dude in this clip? Seriously - you’ve got a naked Natalie Portman in your bed, and you sound like you’re watching a mildly depressing weather report. I don’t care if Ms. Portman just flew to Paris after torching your dog, man - get over it!

An ass isn’t nudity? :confused:

No. You need tits and bush.

Or anyway, shaved bush.

And not midget one.

What a gip.

It’s true, ManLaw #67.

Anyways, it was good to see these lost clips from The Professional.

Well, I liked it, but Natalie sure is getting a bad case of smoker’s voice.

How much of it do I have to stream before I see Natalie in the nuddy? I’m three minutes in and I haven’t seen so much as an ankle.

Umm, just speed it up by grabing the marker and moving it around,

He can’t. His hands are occupied.

la la la, nothing to see here

I’ll bet you’ve got a really fast car though. :wink:

Eh? Fast car?

You still have to wait for it to download. Maybe you are on a faster connection than me.

What? No love for a little Hershlag heiney?