Natalie Portman in "The Darjeeling Limited"? says she’s in the movie, but I just watched the DVD and must have missed her (although she’s featured in the related short film The Hotel Chevalier). How many hours or minutes into the longer movie does she appear?

I think the short film is what they mean. Technically I think the short film is a part of the broader storyline of the movie. That relationship is referenced in the longer film.

FWIW, I think the short film part of it completely sucked. No fault of Natalie’s though. I didn’t even recognize her.

I haven’t seen the movie since it as in the theater, but I think she was in it for about 10 seconds at the end on the train when they were movie from cabin to cabin.

As olivesmarch4th said, she is in the short film that comes with the DVD and was shown with it in the theaters (Hotel something something?). It recounts one of the brother’s breakup with her prior to traveling to India and is referenced in the short story he is writing in the longer movie. I see you reference the short in the OP, but I don’t think she appears in the full length film.

This is correct. She’s sitting in a bed smoking as the camera pans through the sleeping car. No lines.

OK, thanks! I’ll take another look at the last ten minutes or so, then, Daerlyn?

Found it! She’s at the 1:18 mark on the DVD, just before Bill Murray appears in his own cabin of the train. Thanks again.

More importantly: did she use a body double?? Or was Jason Schwartzman a lucky dude?

It was her. Cherish it. She found the experience so uncomfortable that she’s unlikely to get nude again.

She has an extremely nice hiney in that movie, if I do recall correctly.

YMMV. I thought her heiney was (surprisingly, given her slim frame) on the flabby side. But I still wouldn’t kick her out of bed!

In Kieslowski’s Three Colors trilogy, there is a similar appearance by actors from the first two films. In Blue, Juliette Binoche is looking for someone and walks in on a court case in progress. She makes an “Oops!” face and a hasty retreat. In White, you find out that it was a divorce case between Julie Delpy and Zbigniew Zamachowski and during the scene if you are paying attention, you’ll see Binoche walk into the background and retreat.

The stories otherwise don’t contain the same characters in any way.