Where's a calendar?

Just a simple one to print – each month on its own (landscape) page and boxes for the days, where I can write a word or two to remind me of what to do, and when. In the last three hours I’ve found several sites that offer these, but I don’t see how to print them. Grrrrrr:mad: I know I’m really dense about computers, but please show me a simple way!

Have you tried Control-P? That’s the simplest way I know to print something from the screen.

Which ones have you tried? Maybe we can look at those and find the print option for you.

I used Palm Desktop, since I have a Palm phone, which is a free download. (It also syncs with my phone of course.) It has a print option of the calendar, which is also customizable for different entries if you categorize them. This is particularity helpful for me, because I can print off my children’s schedules for their caregiver, without her having to weed through my meetings to find the orthodontist appointment.

Anyway, search on Palm Desktop if you’re interested.

At work, a lot of the staff use the appointment calendar in Outlook.

Except my old boss. He liked xeroxing his calendar. He’d write in the days people requested vacation and holidays. He run off copies and put in everyone’s message box. I tried several times to convince him to do it on a computer. No luck. The boss does what he wants. :wink:

Take a look at outlook. You can even set the computer to alert you about appointments. Our staff have all their meetings scheduled in Outlook.

Okay, what I SHOULD have said was I printed the one that was the example (and on which I’d been able to change the year) and then couldn’t figure out how to find the other 11 pages! Obviously I wasn’t into the site correctly. Sorry about my lack of clarity.

I don’t have a palm pilot.

In Outlook there seems to be only the one option when I click on the calendar icon and that’s just for one day, with hour increments on the left etc – not at all what I need. I know there’s got to be an easy way to get one month on one page, with boxes to write in for each day, but …

Under ‘More Print Your Own’ click on each individual month and print. I use the year calendar just to check dates for the entire year.

Just print from the browser file menu - works fine - set printer to landscape mode.

There are other options such as making your own photo calendar.

If you have MS word you should be able to go to (mind you this is for Office 2000, might be a bit different now) file>new>other documents>calendar wizard to print a simple black and white landscape calendar with boxes.

The best site I’ve found is Printfree.com. It has as many options for formatting as you can imagine. I prefer the one which has every day of every month on one page (just printed 2010 today!), but I’m sure they have what you’re looking for too. As mentioned above, CNTL+P or just File > Print will print once you’ve loaded the page.

That’s a good one. I’ve used the calendar wizard many times and it’s free. The calendar in Word is very similar to the ones in Publisher.

Microsoft also offer a lot of calendars and stuff online, if you don’t like what’s in your templates.

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What am I doing wrong? Please know that I appreciate the great help you’ve all given me here.


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Oh and you don’t have to have a Palm to download Palm Desktop, was my point. It’s a great desktop-only organizational tool, all on its own.

Google Calendar is free and it does this. You can also “add” calendars to it - such as US Holidays and your favorite sports teams’ schedules. Then you can print it out by day, week, month or “agenda” (which is a list of days with items scheduled).

I print one out once a month and tape it to my wall, then write in stuff as it comes up.