Where's a good place to stay in Kozhikode (Calicut), India, for August? (Need answer fast!)

Other sources of information proving refractory, I turn to the Straight Dope! I’m looking for a place to stay for a family group (3-5 adults, 2 kids) in Calicut (Kozhikode) in Kerala, or environs, for the month of August.

Do you know of a travel agent or guest house or other contact, who’s fairly foreigner-friendly and at least somewhat English-speaking, who could help us out here? We don’t have palace-level budgets but could manage forty to seventy thousand rupees or so for the rent.

All information gratefully appreciated!

I know of a few nice homestays in Cochi (PM me for info) but that is quite far from Kozhikode, unfortunately. Have you tried IndiaMikeor LP’s Thorn Tree? In general, you do get excellent homestays in Kerala - it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something in your price range, I think. Google has a few suggestions as well. Check the sites and try calling a few of them - if you are going to stay for a full month the price should be negotiable (Don’t commit yourself to a full month until you have actually seen the place!).

Wow thanks Panurge, those sound like excellent ideas! I wish we were staying in Kochi instead of Kozhikode, I hear it’s really lovely, but we may not have much flexibility. If we do I’ll definitely PM you for homestay suggestions!

Do you want to stay in Calicut city or in wayanadu ( hill station) ?

You’re welcome. I’ve only been in Kerala a few times and never in Calicut, so I can’t really help you there. I was there in January with my family but my because of my son’s young age (2.5) we decided to spend all of our Kerala time in one place, Kochi. That was highly recommendable but I see no reason why a homestay in Calicut shouldn’t be as comfortable. The whole homestay thing is really big in Kerala and it is great - big plus if the host family can cook, too. Best food of our trip by far!

Hi indian, I think we’ll need to be in Calicut city itself, unless Wayanadu is reasonably accessible? I know we’d love the hill station atmosphere (I’ve stayed up in Mt. Abu in Rajasthan and had a great time), but I don’t think we want to be too remote from the city.

Many thanks to both you and Panurge for the suggestions; I’ve been checking out some of them, and would be happy to get any other specific contacts that might occur to you!

Please check your PM.