host families - how much do they take?

Does anybody here take students or has lived with a host family for a while?
I might move to Cambridge/UK in July and as I dont think the possibility of finding a cheap bedsitter is high so I wondered how much a room at a host family costs (at about).
Does anybody know?

I am gramatically challenged. sorry.

Sorry if this is too late to help you out (I happened to be searching on a completely unrelated topic and clicked on this one by accident), but anyway here’s some information that I found:

The average price that I found was around 10 pounds a night, but that may be a little higher than what you would normally find because most of these advertisements seem to be aiming for people going on one-week vacations.

The prices include room and board.

Anyway, the email address for one of the companies is:
(The company is called London Homestay)

thank you :slight_smile:
I have found a few things too now. Most cost about as much as you wrote :frowning:
It is going to be a pain to find a place… but at least I have a few addresses, so I ll not end up on the streets.


Hey Dodgy, glad to see that you’re still around. I was getting worried about you. Hope that everything is going great.

OK, that’s all. Sorry, I don’t have any good advice. Good luck.

hi tommy :slight_smile:
Everything is fine :smiley:

On Monday I got a letter from the school (sixth form) in Cambridge I applied for and they offered me a place, so I will definitely be moving in the middle of July.
I “only” have to find a room, open a bank account and such before I leave.

I will get my final report of the commercial school I attend this Friday. There are still some exams to take before the end of June, but basically the school year is over - and I passed all the courses (yay!).
And if I am not too lazy I ll eventually find the time to take my driving test before I move abroad.

I am soooo looking forwards to the new school…
ICT, Computing, Art and Design, European History.
After 13 years of schools where all the subjects were compulsory I can finallly choose what I want to learn myself. :slight_smile: