Where's Dick?

As we head into the homestretch of the Presidential race here in the States, every news clip I see of Al Gore has Joe Lieberman (as well as their respective wives) standing right behind him.

All the footage I see of George W. Bush has either John McCain, or the Governor/Senator/prominent Representative of whichever state he’s in at the time.

So, where’s Dick Cheney?

This is a good example of the media bias: they show Algore with JLib, together and apart, from the front, above, and below, as much as possible. They do not want you to see Dick, W alone is OK. More so that Dick is the most presidential of the four. AlGore needs all media’s support and will get it. So, believe me, Dick is out there, campaigning. You just do not see him. It’s called “democracy”.

That doesn’t hold water, peace. Where is he campaigning? Certainly not on the same stages as Bush.

My point was that Gore and Lieberman are inseperable, but Bush and Cheney aren’t campaigning together. Bush is getting equal airtime as Gore, and no matter what angles they show: Dick ain’t there.

I’d take Peace’s argument a little more seriously. I’m sure Dick Cheney is around. It’s just the media doesn’t like him because they’re liberal and he’s quite conservative. Personally, I find it amusing that polls show Gore is losing even after all of the blatant ass-kissing the media has done for him.

Okay, I’m having enough fun flaming Origato in the Pit, so I don’t need an argument here.

I’ll follow-up with this question: Where is Dick Cheney campaigning? Why isn’t he with Bush?

I keep hearing about this “media bias,” but no one says where he is campaigning. Come up with a cite that says they’re both in the same place or where they are, don’t just say, “oh, uhh, yeah, it’s the media’s fault.” Tell us where he is.

According to this story in the NY Times

Dick Cheney spent Monday campaigning in Iowa. I believe the NY Times has at least one reporter assigned to both Lieberman and Cheney.

First off, I don’t believe there is a “liberal bias” to the media. Then again, I live in Texas, and a liberal bias wouldn’t pay around here.

If you want to know where the candidates are campaigning, set your clock radio to 5:00AM. NPR briefly mentions the itineraries of all four candidates during the voiceover at the start of Morning Edition. I’ve never paid much interest, but I don’t recall hearing that either team was campaigning together on any day.

Just a WAG, but Gore-Lieberman may feel the need to get together for a photo-op at the beginning or end of the day, while the Bush-Cheney campaign does not

Guys, OK, you are right, there is no media bias. We just do not know what Dick is doing, for unrelated reasons. Or he is so dumb that he forbade media to cover him.
I do not know why AlGore and JLib campain in duo and the other guys trust each other. Perhaps its herd liberal socialistic insticts vs. rugged western individualism. I’m sure you can find Dick. Listen to NPR (never biased :-), of course) or use your search engines using “Dick Cheney”, “presidential campaign”, “election” as key words. Who am I to teach smart you?

The media are only as liberal as the conservative businesses that own them. :slight_smile:

Huh? Is this like my parents letting me and my brother (17 and 13 at the time, respectively) wander around Paris and London during a family vacation there? They didn’t need to watch over us to make sure we didn’t get in trouble? Do you believe that Gore thinks Lieberman would get into trouble on the campaign? What does trust have anything to do here?

Gore is with Leiberman because Leiberman is popular with the Jewish population of Florida which is a key state. Cheney has no special constituency in any of the key states so him being with Bush has no point. He is campaigning on his own, thus allowing the Bush/Cheney ticket to have twice as many rallies.

Neutron, do not confuse two things: “conservative” businesses who own the media do not care at all about political leanings, they are concerned only with money. Money is made by adds. As long as adds bring in the money, media could be liberal, conservative, whatever. We are talking about space between adds here, which is liberal, because journalists are overwhelmingly liberal (as college educated art&humanities majors are).
Pud, you are right. JLib “is popular with the Jewish population of Florida which is a key state”, alone and/or when supervised by AlGore.
Dick has his own head, which is better than W’s. They both know that. So, he can be left unsupervised. And by voting for W, you get “two for one” deal. More variety, so to speak. With the other team, there are no team at all. It’s like Marx-Lenin, pretty much the same.

I’m still not sure of your “supervision” concept. Shouldn’t Dubya, who is known for bumbling on the stump, saying things he really should know better than to say (“Major league asshole” anyone?), and needs someone with national governmental experience with him be the one who needs “supervision” on the campaign trail?

What’s Joe Lieberman doing that needs “supervision”? Is it his War on Hollywood (which, by the way, is one of the reasons I’m voting for Ralph)? His attacks on Bush as being unready for the national stage? Or, is it his proclivity to act like a nine year old?

(And, if its that, please give an example of Lieberman acting like a nine year old in need of supervision.)

And, if you want to imply that arts & humanities college graduates are generally liberal, why would you impugn liberals? Isn’t being a college graduate a good thing?

Please, explain what you mean by “trust” and “supervision.” I don’t want to get into a GD with you about the “liberal media” so let’s just focus on those points: trust and supervision.

And more money gets made when people who pledge to lower taxes for businesses get elected to office. You think they’re contributing all that money to politicians out of sheer generousity? Sheesh.