Wheres my 6-pack?

I’m pretty sure that hiding under all my fat are some pretty nice abs just waiting to come out. Only problem is, how? I’ve read about crunches/situps but can anyone gimme a site that shows pictures of these being done?

Can anyone also tell me how to lose my love handles? I wanna tone up the sides.

Outside of liposuction, you can’t spot-reduce (get rid of the love handles). What you can do is embark on a healthy fitness and diet regimen which will improve your body to the point where nobody will notice your love handles.

I’ll suggest: http://www.biofitness.com/demos.html

Check out http://www.exrx.net

A sit up is basic. Lie down sit up. Put your hands behind your ears or crossed on your chest.
Other exercises work your abs also. Butterfly kicks is one another effective exercise is done by lying down on the floor keeping your legs straight and bringing them in the air.
All this is futile if you have a gut. You could do 1000 sit-ups a day and never see any results. You want those abs? Then you are going to have to dedicate months to a good diet and aerobic exercises. Running or riding a bike will get you those abs. Sit-ups are the last thing you want to do. After you burn those fat cells away from your stomach, this is when you should do sit-ups to make your stomach muscles now visible lager…
All those infomercials selling those ab machines are feeding you lies. You could have HUGE ab muscles by using them sure. However, doing sit-ups does not increase your metabolism enough to burn calories stored in the region of your abdominal muscles. That is what it is about! Increasing your heart rate for a long period of time. What is normally recommend is 3 times a week for 30 minutes each session.

Actually Men’s Health and a lot of the others are now recommending 5 to 6 days at 45 minutes for aerobics.

If you stop to think about it…45 minutes for a tread mill at a rapid pace will give you about 500-750 calories burned/.

500 X 6 = 3000. 750 X 6 = 4500. One pound is 3500.

I am FINALLY getting my 6 pack and I am doing between 1 to 2 hours a day 6 days. And I am down to 1500 calories consumed a day.

I am 37 so my metabolism is slower. But keep doing LOTS of aerobics, CUT your calories and do your ABS.

Aside from exercise of course…Where most people, myself included, give up on Abs of Steel: you have to cut out most all fat, and absolutely all alcohol. A physical trainer friend of mine insists the alcohol part is what gets most people, especially younger males who are the demographic most likely working on that washboard.