Where's the beef? At Denny's Beer Barrel Pub (Clearfield PA)

Despite having a very hearty appetite, I do believe this one would be a bit much even for me:

paging Homer Simpson.

Whoa! I can feel my arteries clogging up just looking at it!

I can eat a one-pound burger at Fuddruckers, load it up with toppings, have some onion rings and a drink and still be perfectly fine. Hell, I could probably eat a two-pound burger with the works, and have a good go at a three-pounder, but after that is asking for trouble (of the life-threatening variety). Still, I can see ordering that big one and splitting it with one or two hungry friends!

Of course, at $24, it’s cheaper and bigger than the $50 burgers they sell in NYC.

Earl, I find your username amusing and intriguing. I follow your movements on the board closely. I am going to stalk you and do one of those uncomfortable things where I follow you around and talk to you so I can fool myself into thinking you are now an acquaintance who will become an actual friend when you roll through a thread of mine and I stalk you until the next thread with new ideas and over-the-top attempts at humor so as to impress your humor skills with my own.

Then the third time I’ll start in with the “get me on tv” stuff… but I’ll hold off on that, you know? It’s like fishing… I can’t scare you away too quickly. :wink:

It’s the hamburger equivalent of the Ol’ 96er.

I think my dad could eat that burger. If nothing else, he would regard as a challenge and perish in the effort. Personally, I’d have to share it with several other people. Just looking at it made me feel a bit ill.