Where's the best place to buy fossils online?

Like it says on the tin. Who’s good and reliable? I’m considering buying my fiance a megalodon tooth for a wedding gift and it seems there are a lot of really ugly websites out there and it’s hard to tell who’s legit.

Where to get fossils online.

Seriously, though-about the best place to go for a decent selection at a decent price is fossilicious.com.

… which is an incredible waste of a name for an old-people dating site. :slight_smile:

Was the actual fossil site helpful?

Possibly not worth the extra for international shipping for you, but in the UK a friend runs Mr. Wood’s Fossils and they have a good rep.

FYI that dating site is run by a prolific spammer. Best not to encourage them.

:slight_smile: Yes, thank you. Some very nice teeth there. I mean, megolodon teeth. Not dentures.