Megalodon tooth!

I’ve wanted a Megalodon tooth for years but the really large ones are super expensive. I was at a rock show today and saw this smallish tooth for $160 so I bought it. Super happy with it and it’s freaking awesome!


Impressive and cool!


Very nice! I have heard that some of the ones on ebay are actually fake replica casts, so good for you for getting this in-person where you can check that it’s on the up and up.

Even at the rock shows there are fakes. Especially trilobites and coprolite and artificially coloured rocks. Nothing wrong with having artistic renderings of items as long as they clearly state what they are, but some of them try to pass them off as real.

I got my tooth from these guys:

Nice quality for the tooth. I was going to say that you got ripped off with the price, but some googling shows that apparently megalodon tooth prices have skyrocketed since I was last actively buying more than 10 years ago. A five-ish inch tooth like that would have cost maybe $50 or $75 then.

Actually, measuring pixels, and going by the average length for a human female hand, I’m adjusting my size estimate to the 3.5 inch range (measured diagonally along the edge). Still in line with modern prices, even more out of line with prices “back in the day”.

Close! It’s not quite 4 inches. It’s between 3.9 and 4.

Is anyone else getting megalodon tooth advertisements?

For size comparison, these are the best six inch and four inch teeth in my (modest) collection. The six inch was bought at one of the chain shops at Myrtle Beach in the 1990s. (Wings or Eagles or Shell World, I’m pretty sure I remember the exact store, but not which of the pretty much interchangeable names it was under.) I paid $80 for it. The four inch was bought in the very early 2000s on Ebay, back when photography of the items was still pretty primitive. The tooth was a diving find crusted with barnacles and bryozoans and I got it cheaper than I sould have, maybe $10 or so. A few minutes in vinegar cleaned the crust right off.

Those are so cool! One day I’ll buy a really large one but, for now, I’m super happy with mine. I’ve wanted one for so long I can’t believe I finally have one.

I can’t fault you for not having a larger one with modern prices.

BTW, a recent find:

What on the earth?? Is that yours? As in you go diving for megalodon teeth? Look at the size of that thing! Imagine the beast who it belonged to.

No, not my find. My secret identity is not Rochelle Bunning.

There are spots called “meg ledges” or “megalodon ledges” (google it) that are miles off-shore on the North and South Carolina cost that have big concentrations of megalodon teeth (probably near river mouths during the latest ice age). But you don’t have to dive to find amazing teeth. You would enjoy following these groups, even if you never get to use them.

My tooth is from North Carolina. Probably from one of those meg ledges. Thanks for the links, so many amazing photos.

A lot of the teeth out there come from low-country river diving in the Carolinas and in Florida. Which does not come without risks in the more coastal areas.

Ohh, thanks for the link. My son collects mineral specimens (not polished, don’t ever show him an artificially polished stone) and not “woo woo healing crystals”.

This store looks right up his alley!

wow … not only is this quite a tooth, but you know own something where you can say “yeah, that stuff is between 4 and 23 million years old”

somewhat boggles my mind !!!