Where's the EGR valve on my Ford Escape?

Recently, my Escape has tripped fault code P0401, referring to EGR system pressure. I want to inspect the valve, tube, and pressure sensor for buildup beofre I go willy-nilly replacing anything, but I am not sure what it loks like or where it is?

Anyone know?

2002 Escape XLT 4x4 v6

It should be on the intake manifold near the throttle body. Make sure the vacuum lines are attached to it and that the hoses have not deteriorated. If you’re somewhat talented, you can remove it and test it by applying vacuum to the valve and checking to see that the pintle moves up and down. (and possibly cleaning the pintle seat as it is probably pretty gritty)
It should look something line this one…


Note: if you do remove it to test it, invest in a new gasket before replacing the valve.

Apparently you can see step by step instructions if you register for this board.

Or you can just wait for GaryT. I think he does Fords.

On some Ford engines a very common problem is carbon buildup in the EGR passages. Typically the repair is to remove the throttle body and clean the passages. Faulty DPFE sensors are also a common problem.

As far as finding the valve, probably the most helpful thing is to know what it looks like. Here are some typical examples.