Where's the one place all of us have been?

Eve’s thread Has This Kind of “Community” Ever Existed Before? made me wonder if there’s some place on this planet that all of us have actually been. If some of us have never left their home towns, the answer is obviously “no.” But if all of us have done at least some traveling, there’s a chance that there’s some common point for all of us.

I know there are some places of which it has been said “wait at this place long enough and everybody you know will pass by” and perhaps we could narrow down where that place may be.

If each of us will list ten spots where we have been that we suspect might be that “common ground” then we may be able to narrow it down to at least the state or city, if not the actual spot.

My candidates include:

Washington DC mall
Bourbon Street in New Orleans
Grand Ole Opry (either Ryman Auditorium of Grand Ole Opry House at Opryland in Nashville)
Peachtree Street in Atlanta
Daytona Beach
Legion Field in Birmingham AL
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Outer Banks North Carolina
Myrtle Beach South Carolina

As lists get submitted, perhaps we can start the zooming in process to street corners or park benches or addresses or whatever.

Well, Zeldar, I match five of yours - DC, NO, GOO, Daytona, and the Smokies. So I’ll add five more:
Memphis, TN
Baltimore Inner Harbor
Ego Alley, Annapolis, MD
Denver, CO
Boston, MA

Washington DC mall
Grand Ole Opry (either Ryman Auditorium of Grand Ole Opry House at Opryland in Nashville)
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Outer Banks North Carolina
Myrtle Beach South Carolina

I’ve been to three of those mentioned: DC Mall, Peachtree Street, and Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Others – no (well, Boston when I was a kid – could you give a specific location? – and I’ve flown through Denver).

How about – The Empire State Building? or, here in Philly, Independence Hall?

FairyChatMom, I can add all but Boston and Denver from your additions. We went around Boston on our way to Maine, but have yet to get into town there. Same for NYC if anybody thinks that might be the place.

huh. When i saw the title I was going to say bathroom.

I was thinking Disneyland.

damn! vanilla beat me to it. As far as Zeldar’s list have only been to Burbon Street, a few times. I vaguely remember…I try not to look at the photos.

Well, it has quickly become obvious there’s no place all of us have been, but we can still try for the place where more of us have been …

From Zeldar’s list:
Washington DC mall

From FairyChatMom’s list:
Baltimore Inner Harbor

And (sorry, tired of copying names):
The Empire State Building

My nominees for places many of us may have visited (that I have visited, anyway):
The Louvre
Trafalgar Square
The World Trade Center (Before 9/11/01)

That’s all the likely candidates I can think of …

You might get a decent convergence at an Airport like La Guardia, O’hare, or LAX. I’ll also add the Golden gate bridge.

Bourbon Street

16th Street Mall, Denver, CO

vanilla’s bathroom (I lit a match)

BART terminal under the Embarcadero (sp?), San Fransisco, CA

Memorial Stadium (where the Sooners play), OKC, OK

WTC observation deck

Johnson Space Center, Clear Lake City, TX

Sirloin Stockade, Souix City, Iowa

The Strand, Galveston, TX

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO

Macy*s, Houston Galleria, Housewares, looking at the copper pots

This may be close! Assuming we allow the bathroom facility at some of the scenic attractions we might narrow down to, there’s as good a chance that we all used the facility there. Likewise, a snack bar, restaurant, gas station, or similar key point.

I’ve never been to any of the Disney attractions, Philadelphia, New York City, nor any state west of Kansas. Just to help in the zooming in concept. Never been out of the USA except into Ontario.

For those of us not in the USA, if you’ve never been on this continent, that may rule out the hope we’ve all been at the same place some place.

Maybe we could substitute the idea of the same TV moment or the same movie. Maybe even the same piece of published music, book, or whatever. There must be some physical thing we all share besides the internet…

I think O’Hare might be a winnah – or the Atlanta Airport. I’m also in for both Disney World and Disney Land.

In Europe: The Spanish Steps in Rome, anyone?

I can share the O’Hare and Atlanta airports.

I match on the DC Mall, B’more Inner Harbor, Atlanta Peachtree St., Philly Independence Hall, and Orlando Disneyland. I probably match to FCM’s Boston reference. Two locations in Boston I’d suggest are the Boston Common/Public Garden/State House area or Copley Square.

I do notice that all these suggestions, with the exception of Denver, are in the Eastern US. I’m surprised that no-one has yet suggested some locations in Chicago, or the West Coast.

Also, given the nature of travel today, maybe we are going about this the wrong way. It used to be said that NYC’s Grand Central Station was the place where “wait at this place long enough and everybody you know will pass by”. Today, that would be an airport terminal. O’Hare, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Indianaoplis, Orlando, Heathrow, and Frankfurt are all major hubs today. If you’ve been on a commercial flight, chances are you’ve been through one of those, right?

OK, I can add the Empire State Building, Independence Hall, Disney Land, Disney World, The Louvre, and Trafalgar Square.

How about Rome? Paris? Omaha? :smiley:

I’ve flown thru Atlanta and O’Hare and DFW and San Francisco and BWI and National and Dulles.

Washington DC mall
O’Hare, Atlanta Heathrow, and Frankfurt airports.
Rome. Paris. Omaha.
The Spanish Steps.
WTC observation deck
The Empire State Building
Trafalgar Square
The Louvre
Grand Central

Slight hijack: This reminds me of one of my favorite local TV moments from college days. The local CBS affiliate had the local news start with the teletype sounding clatter with the drums and fanfare underneath and this deep-voiced intro: “His beat is the world: Rome, Paris, London, Clarksville.” (Clarksville is where Fort Campbell is located, but otherwise not nearly on the scale of those foreign capitals; cracked me up every time they ran this bit.)

Atlanta Airport
DFW airport
DC Mall
Burbon Street in NO
Most of the malls in the Seattle, DFW, and Council Bluffs area.
Most of the kinky adult shops in Seattle, DFW and New Orleans.

That last one should cover most of the guys. :wink: :smiley: