Where's the stuff on my phone?

I have a Samsung Reverb and I like it except one weirdness. When I hook it up via USB to my PC, I get a list of files, all of which are empty. I have lots of photos and some music on my phone. How do I see and load them onto my computer?

You could try installing their software, although annoying if you can’t through Explorer/Finder.

Also, make sure that there is just one drive letter, if you are poking around the phone when all your stuff is on external memory or vice versa.

Same thing with my Motorola. The phone doesn’t act like a “directory structure” device, the way, say, an external hard drive, or a memory stick, would.

And some bug or other prevents their software from installing properly! (Might be a conflict with my anti-virus. Hmph.)

If its an android, put the phone into usb mode. Once you do that, see how many external drives you have. When i hook up my tab, i have to remember what drive is actually the one holding the pics and stuff.

I have an app called, IIRC, “WiFi File Transfer”, which serves up files over FTP on your home network. Try that, it ought to have your files, and it’s a pretty handy app for other reasons.