Where's the weirdest place you've seen a coffee bar/kiosk?

I thought it was odd when coffee bars started popping up in movie theaters, but then I visited one of our local library branches not too long ago, and they have a Starbucks kiosk inside the library. I am still having trouble wrapping my mind around this one.

Anyone feel like topping that?

The Student Learning Center at UGA is a four-floor electronic library, study hall, and collection of classrooms. There’s a Jittery Joe’s stuck randomly on the second floor (and thank Og for it, especially during finals). The main library here also has a small restaurant in it, although I’ve never eaten at it.

A Presbyterian church in Madison, Wisconsin has a pub/café open to the public in its basement. I like how the website justifies this oddity, using Oprah-speak:

There’s one in the Emergency Room at the hospital where I work.

There’s also a drive-through one off the freeway in the middle of Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base. I should explain that, although there is essentially a whole town built at Camp Pendleton, what you see from the freeway are miles and miles of open land.