WooHoo! I am posting from Red Emma's Bookstore Coffehouse like a Motherfuck.

At this moment, I am posting from the Ubuntu linux baised imac in the corner of Red Emma’s, a communist/anarchist/bed-wetting liberal bookstore around the corner from Peabodies Conservatory.

The Place is all exposed brick, small coffee bar, and a buncha books, though not enough. The menu is mostly coffee (Skip the Mexican-blend.), with just a few snacks.

Very nice, very pleasant. Might be a good meeting place. Anyone else see the place?

Get your damn commie electrons off this board!

Unless you wanna wet the bed in stereo. :eek:

Ya know, ya just can’t find a good Capitalist/Big Gov’t./house-broken Conservative bookstore with good coffee anymore. :smiley:

      • I am traveling to Dallas/Ft Worth soon to look for a place in the Ft Worth/west area. I bought a laptop with wifi largely for the occasion (had wanted a laptop for a long time, but had no justification). And I have already found the online stuff I need. It’s just that I am somewhat dreading that I’ll go into a coffeehouse to use the wifi and I’ll have to order something, and all they’ll have to drink is coffee , , , , ,
        . . . . .-which I hate.
  • So I am expecting to ask for a glass of coke/pepsi but “we don’t have that”, so I’ll ask for a $5 glass of water and tip the waitress $5, and ask her to bring me another glass of expensive water in a half-hour…

Jeez, that sucks.

Have you tried ordering Hot Chocolate, tea, Chai, or a snack. Any would still burn up your wallet, but at least it would not be $5 for a cup of water, when you can buy economy sized jugs/bottles of the stuff for much less.

Oh, and I am LOLing about some of the comments made.

You know, I’ve never seen the word “Motherfuck” in the name of a bookstore/coffeehouse before.

Several coffee shops in the area have free Wi-Fi, and all of them have drinks other than coffee.

Yeah, the owner has this kind of obseesion.claim that the story of Oedipus is the most “complete” story of all time, whatever that means. :slight_smile:

bdgr , could you please give more details?

Let me know if you see McNulty, Burrell, or Proposition Joe hanging out in there.

If you happen to see Omar, well…sorry bout that.

Can I wear my Atlas Shrugged T-shirt there?

I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to wear such a shirt; unless I didn’t get the joke. In a more mainstream coffee shop, someone might try and berate you for wearing a t-shirt that smacks of philosophical immaturity, but my impression of Emma’s is that the clientele know how idealistic their own views were, and would not try and criticize your views.

well, Since I own one of them, it would be spam to provide more details.

Just wanted to say congrats on your 5001st post! You are one prolific motherfucker!

Yeah, i like the joint. Baltimore could do with some more places like that, and i don’t just mean the politics, i mean civilized places to hang out and read or whatever.

I’m actually thinking of going down there this Thursday evening for the screening of The Power of Nightmares, a BBC documentary that may not make it to TV or mainstream theaters here in the US.

By the way, it’s Peabody, not Peabodies. :slight_smile:

      • Tea! It’s tea they have, right? I hate tea too… What is it with suburban hippies wanting to drink dead plants? Is there a dress code? Do I need long hair and birkenstocks or a bad-fitting Nader-suit to enter? Are non-Mac computers allowed? I have a peg-leg and an eye patch, but I can get a tye-dye shirt if it’ll help me blend in…

  • And heck, you can spam me by email if you want. It’s fairly justifiable. I’ll probably just try the nearest places to wherever I can get a hotel room otherwise.

I didn’t much care for that place when I was there. It’s dark, hot in the summer (no AC), and the coffee wasn’t particularly note-worthy.

I just recently moved to the Mt. Vernon area and I had been wondering about that place. ScottPlaid thanks for info! I will be checkign the joint out this week now.
mhendo: Appreciate the info regarding screenings they do there. I am thinking of going tonight for the “Made in Secret” screening tonight. Quick question though as you appear to be in the know…Is this something you pay a fee to attend or a monthly fee? Or can I just show up?

Yer welcome.

Oh, and IANmhendo, but I can tell you, you just show up for the movies. There is no fee.