Where's this week's MMP?

Smashing…? Who’s smashing things? This is a completely non-violent MMP. OK, except for the possibility that our fearless leader has been taken against his will. Oh, and Shibb and his durn gavel.

Bumba, how can you be at the beach? Who’s minding the store?


After ShibbOleth hypothesized (bolding mine):

Kythereia replied:

Hmmm, I thought Shibb was respectively fingering (metaphorically, of course!) Lissla Lissar of the Toronto area, scout1222 from down San Diego way, and the Pacific Northwest’s own Taters. However, your confession certainly cannot be ignored. Maybe we’ve got our own version of the John F. Kennedy assassination mystery going on here – one troupe of kidnappers springing from the grassy knoll and grabbing Rue as the other band of would-be captors are stuck while descending in the elevator of the Texas School Book Depository…


Word on the street is that I might have been fingering, er no, fantasizing, no that’s not it, thinking about Scout, Kallessa, Ashes[sup]2[/sup], Taters and others. I would have had Kytheria in mind, but I can’t spell her name and she’s still a bit young, IIRC.

If I’ve not mentioned you above then it’s because that particular thought is private. Email me for details*.

[sub]But be warned, it may well involve sealing wax, silk rope and non-dairy toppings. Unless you’re a guy, in which case it involves beer, bbq, punches in the arm and football. Unless you’re Swampy in which case it involves bright orange dolphin shorts. I really can’t help myself.[/sub]

Mostly, you get that special warm feeling in your heart knowing you gave everyone a thread to hijack all over the place.(Sort of like a herd of sheep just wandering around the field bleating and eating grass and doing sheep stuff (like making a gymnastic Pyramid of Sheep and handstands and other sheep hijinks), and then you, the mighty Border Collie, makes everyone group up and pay attention for a second, and then they just go back to bleating and eating grass and doing sheep stuff (not that I’m saying the average MMPer is a sheep, because they’re not) but they were all in one spot for a second there.) Thanks for covering for me. You are now my Official Favorite MMPer of the Whole Week. (Everyone has to take a step down til next Monday, then you all get your regular spots back. It’s just the way it is. Sorry.)

Yes. Yes they are off today. Soupo’s on Spring Break now, so he’s home all week. Pray for me.

It’s both the boys, not me. Both the boys and the Little Woman. She took today off anyway, but as it turns out, she’s sick. Me? Not sick. Them? Sick. Pray for me some more.

This would be a Christmas wish come true! Are there Easter wishes? Big Easter miracles that make people say “Wow! That was an Easter miracle if I ever saw one!” Does that happen? If there were Easter miracles, that little scenario by our own Scenario Master Shibbwould be one cool Easter miracle.

Well I was running hither and yon (both) but snatching up chocolate bunnies on the cheap was not on my agenda. (If I ate all the Easter candy we have right now my agenda would be a rotunda. No one wants that. So no extra bonus chocolate bunnies for me.) I had to run down to Sam’s Club because we needed bulk stuff. While I was there, well, the hardware store is right there, so I had to stop in. That was fun. And since it wasn’t quite lunchtime I also stopped into the camping toy store. This morning was a font of fun-filled-ness. Plus I flipped over the mattress because it just turned spring and that’s something you’re supposed to do, flip the mattress on the equinoxes and the solstices and spring starts on one of those, doesn’t it? But the mattress is flipped now. All three of our mattresses. That was jolly fun before I went off to Sam’s Club.

Then it was lunchtime, so I came home and ate some lunch. (We had Family Easter at our house and everyone brought a lot of food and most everyone left a bunch of food, so we started out with a bunch of food for everyone, and everyone ate a bunch of food, and yet we still wound up with almost as much food as we started with. It was weird how that happened.)

After lunch I had to run back out and get some bread. I go to the outlet store for our bread because we have a big freezer in the garage, so I can buy a bunch of bread cheap and then freeze some and the bread lasts a long time. And then I had to stop at the library because the Little Woman had a book on reserve so I picked it up for her. Then I went to Target to get cold medicines because many people that live in my house are currently sick.

I tried to buy a bunch of cold medicines, but there are new Rules in place that say I can’t just buy cold medicine willy-nilly. I can only buy cold medicines as long as I don’t buy too much at one time. This is all to keep me from… something. I have no idea why they won’t let me buy cold medicine to my heart’s content, but it’s a Government Rule, so it’s for My Own Safety. I know I feel safer right now since I don’t have too much cold medicines in my house.

So. I’m here now. Does anyone want my OP, or should I just save it back for next week? If you do want my OP, it won’t really be an OP since I’ll just stick it into this thread (This is the Official MMP of this week. Accept no substitutes!). And I haven’t had a chance to actually think of anything, so I’ll have to think about it and write it up before it posted it. So the MMP OP would show up maybe tomorrow morning and wouldn’t be an OP anyway. So whaddaya think? Just save it for next week? Good plan! I’ll do that.

-Rue. (here now, but not before)

Naw, Shibb, it’s all about the pink hot pants. With suspenders. And a rainbow shirt.

Our swampy is quite the fashion maven.

Oh yeah!

We almost didn’t have jellybeans in our Easter baskets! Someone (and I’m not saying who) got the candy she likes for the baskets, but since she’s not a big jellybean fan, didn’t get any jellybeans! You know when I found out we were jellybeanless? Saturday night! So I ran to Target (obeying all the speed limits and traffic laws and all that crap) and bought pretty much the last two bags of jellybeans.

It was an Easter tragedy narrowly averted.

I also like to look at maps, just for fun. Maps are cool.

Maps ARE cool, until you realize you’ve got the wrong map and you’re now hopelessly lost since the map says you should be at Venice Beach, but you’re actually in Minneapolis.

Gee Rue, you did all that before lunch?

What did I do before lunch today? Umm…I ate breakfast.

Gotta go. We’ve got a vacuum cleaner emergency.

What about me? Rue’s gone for half a day and there are chickens running around wiht their heads cut off, I’m gone for over a week and nothing, nada, diddlely squat.
Remember what happens when I pout?

I’ve never trusted Yahoo’s directions since they directed me to a Chicago convenience store instead of the Art Institute. Mapquest’s okay, though, unless you’re in Boston, where the roads exceed the descriptive possibilities of either maps or directions.

Now you’ve all got me thinking about chocolate bunnies, I won’t be able to rest 'till I’ve gone bought myself some cheap Easter candy; damn, there goes my diet. I thought about making rabbit for Easter dinner, but I was too lazy to do extra food shopping. Instead I made couscous out of a box with some mushrooms that’ve been lying around for a while. Decidedly unspectacular.

Kallessa here’s some chocolate so you don’t have to pout anymore.

Pout is a funny looking word.

We had absolutely no Eastering at my place yesterday. And I wish it was for a cool reason like we’re protesting religious holidays or that the neighbor’s dog told us not to (he usually tells me to do things, not to avoid doing things), but my GF had to work last night, and she thought she was going to be called in a couple of hours early (but wasn’t) so we just worked on a jigsaw puzzle until she went to work at the normal time.

I too have chocolate for you Kallessa. Would you prefer the dark chocolate with marzipan or the milk chocolate with hazelnuts? I’m pretty sure either flavor will fit in the CD tray. Other than that, I only have chocolate chips, which would unfortunately fall through the hole in the middle of the tray. Although…I suppose I could artistically arrange them around the hole…hmmmm…I’ll have to try that. So…where were you?

Oh…and Rue is back! Yay! And we are all praying for you because if you get sick then next week’s MMP might be delayed and there would be sheep wandering all over the place and, well, it just wouldn’t be pretty.


Healthy thoughts heading to Clan DeDay! Don’t get to close to any of 'em, Rue, they’ll just get their germs all over you. Ick.

We celebrated Easter by replacing the door to the basement. I think I mentioned in last week’s MMP (but I’m not going to wade thru it to be sure) that our idiot dog ate the bottom half of the door to the basement because she wanted to go downstairs. I figured we’d just repair it the best we could until we could afford a new door. But my brain wasn’t properly engaged - I was thinking about buying the whole door and frame and hardward thing, whereas we just needed the door. We could reuse the frame and the hinges and the doorknob that we had. Oh, we did have to get a new cat door since idiot dog destroyed the old one. So for under $60, we’ve got a nice new 6-panel door with cat door. Or we will when I finish painting it. First coat down, second to go.

No chocolate bunnies in the house, dagnabbit, nor could I dash out and buy up reduced bunnies, what with work and all. I did make some chocolate pudding yesterday, but it was somewhat unsatisfying. Nothing beats chocolate bunny ears. But that’s OK. I’ll be fine. I’ve dealt with disappointment before, and I’m sure I shall again. So don’t feel obligated to send me chocolate bunny ears, or even chocolate bunny asses. I’m an adult. I can be mature about it. Dammit.

Potential good news - my sweetie is being courted for a really cool job. Not only is the job itself really neat, but it would save him from his current daily commute over the Wilson Bridge. If you know DC rush hour, you know the Wilson Bridge is not a fun part. Anyway, at this very moment, he’s at a followup interview, after spending 3 hours being interviewed last Thursday. And he has no record of applying for this job, so he’s thinking they found him on Monster, which is super nifty! Whatever the case, I may be doing cartwheels soon. How’s that for a tease?

Happy Monday! Even without bunny ears…


Making meth. They’re afraid you’ll make meth with it. Just one of those things like not putting the phone number on a pay phone that makes life just a little less convenient for honest people, and inconveniences the actual criminals not a whit.

I’ll take my bad attitude out of your thread now.

Everyone seems to think you’re a responsible adult and when you wander off, eh, you’re just having an adventure or something. When I’m “too quiet” everyone gets all crazed and has to make sure I’m not sticking pennies in the outlets or poking the dog or something. You, Kalley, they trust. Me? They think they have to keep me away from the blender so’s I don’t hurt myself.

Shows what they know. I can hurt myself without a blender.

Not me. I just assumed she was in on the “caper” somehow (see above, somewhere). If there was a crime then Kallessa is almost certain to be one of the criminal masterminds. She’s definitely not the lackey sort.

When I was a child and I had a cold or sore throat, my mom the nurse made us gargle with warm salt water 10 or 12 times a day. No fancy meth-making meds for me. Warm salt water, the cure for what ails your family! And of course, the Vicks rub all warm and smelly and greasy rubbed on my chest. Yes, I am old and I grew up before there was a Walgreen’s on every corner. And definitely no Sam’s Clubs, no way. So how did husbands get out of the house by themselves back then? Ah yes, we had a basement (lived in Michigan) - the magic room for men, where tinkering for hours was an artform. <snerk> How many of you have “tinkered” in the basement recently? Just be sure to clean up after yourselves and wash your hands with really good soap.

Rue, bless you and your family. You are now an honorary nurse, in my book at least.

Rue, if you go to the Kroger’s on Brandt Pike you will find piles of cheap Easter candy. Well, if I don’t eat it all first. hic

I am sorry to hear that your Easter was full of sickies! I hope you all had fun anyway.

Since we don’t have any young’uns, I hid a lot of chocolate for Mr E. He’s very thrilled with his Reese’s peanut butter eggs. I also bought him this cool chocolate egg that, when you break it open, has a Peep inside! Is that cool or what? Peeps rock!

We also hung some drapes that I made and started finishing a chair. I bought the chair from an unfinished place over the internets, and it came all broken down and naked. So we put it together and sanded it, and now we have to buy another tack cloth before staining it. It’s going to be a lovely chair!

How dare you thinkof me as an adult! i have never been so insulted in my life. I may hold my breath until I turn blue just to show you! Adult, <hurump, mumble, mumble, grumble, grouse> as if I ever . . .

I did realize this morning the reason why I don’t mind when waitresses or salepeople call me honey, or luv, or dear. It’s because at some point I moved from being a “Miss” and became a “Ma’am”, and really, who needs to be reminded of that?

I’m assuming that the reason last week’s MMP was so long is that you all spent many posts wondering where I was and missing my pithy comments and witty witticisms. I’m sticking to that theory regardless of any contrary facts.