Where's Waldo?

Or as us Australians like to call him, “Wally”.

In the book “Where’s Wally: The Fantastic Journey”, the final page confronts us with a challenge to find the “true” Wally, ie, the only Wally without a shoe. Trouble is, as those with the book would know, there are hundreds of Wallys on the page.

Try as I might, I can not locate the elusive shoeless Waldo.

Does anyone know where he is?

I just want to say that I wish I had so much free time that I could look for hours at a page full of oddly dressed cartoon characters in order to locate the one without shoes.

I just don’t get it.

And yet you have more than enough time to post almost one and a half thousand times to an internet message board?

The US title of this book is “The Great Waldo Search.”

Over the past 670 days, yes. That’s about 2.2 posts per day. You are catching up fast with 1.4 posts per day in your 49 days since you registered, Doc.

I meant no insult, I just meant that I don’t get the whole Waldo thing. Is it a puzzle of some kind? Do you have to solve a mystery after you locate Waldo? What is the challenge aside from just looking at each little person until you find the one that’s missing a shoe, or has curly hair, or is wearing bifocals? I am asking out of ignorance, as I have never even picked up the book.

In all honesty & candor, please clue me in so I can understand why people find the Waldo books so appealing.

It has been at least 6 years since I found him, but I did find him so I can attest that he is there. I believe that he is on the left page as though you are looking at it. I can’t help anymore than that sorry.

Attrayant, the fascination seems simple enough to me. Good vision, pattern recognition, and developped intellect are all important survival skills. And they are all exercised by trying to find the “hidden object” in a picture. I will actually say that it seems to me that it’s a more satisfying challenge than, say, memorizing 10,000 digits of pi, since pattern recognition is an activity where humans still vastly outclass our artificial intelligence brethren.

And the Waldo books are particularly fun because each page is loaded with dozens of little “joke” cartoons, aside from the figure you’re searching for. So you can be amused by them even if you don’t find the figure.