Which actress plays the best on-screen gunslinger?

…while watching “Underworld” the other month, I noticed that Kate Beckinsale’s character, a battle-hardened “death dealer,” had a nasty habit of blinking and flinching as she fired her sidearms. Almost like Selene hadn’t had much experience in combat shooting. :rolleyes: :wink:

In fact, that’s seems to be a common problem among many “action” stars, and not just the actresses.

But, for this discussion, I’m only interested in actresses…the ones who do the best job playing gunfighters onscreen. Not martial artists or swordfighters, gunslingers.

Linda Hamilton seemed to do a pretty good job in T2. And who could forget Beverly Garland’s lever-action attack on the alien in It Conquered the World?

So…any other nominees?

A classic comes to mind.

Geena Davis in The Long Kiss Goodnight. She kicked som serious ass after getting her memory back!

Sharon Stone, The Quick and the Dead

Too bad she’s become a anti-self defense/anti bill of rights patsy

Way to inject your irrelevant political agenda into a totally inappropriate thread, Bob.

The quintessential female gun slinger, never EVER to be equaled, is Joan Crawford in Johnny Guitar: *“Down there I sell whiskey and cards. All you can buy up these stairs is a bullet in the head. Now which do you want?”*Everyone should watch this movie at least once a week.

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Ditto Crawford in Nick Ray’s classic.

Jane Russell could fend for herself in the Paleface movies as well (insert gratuitous joke about her “guns” here).

RealTronic stole my response!

“Chefs do that!”

What, no mention of Betty Hutton as Annie Oakley in *Annie Get Your Gun"?

Sigourney Weaver kicks some alien ass in Aliens, though she does get instructions on how to shoot from Michael Beihn.

How about Reba McIntyre in the first Tremors movie? I thought she was very good at handling firearms.

Susan Sarandon in Thelma and Louise. Quick and to the point.