Which animals are evil, which animals are good?

Everyone knows that some kinds of animals are evil, while other kinds of animals are good.

For instance, mice are good, but rats are evil. All mice. All rats. No exceptions.



What other kinds of animals are always evil or always good?

Cats are always good in my humble opinion, but they definitely have great potential for evil.

How could you forget mosquitoes?

Evil - Wolves, Ravens, Pythons, Vipers, Tigers, Octopuses, Coyotes, Eels

Good - Goats, Elephants, Dogs (except for German Shephards and Pit Bulls), Lions, Owls, Whales, Bears (except Grizzlys), Rabbits, Roadrunners, Pigs (except Wild Boars), Sheep

Hey, don’t knock Chameleons or Giraffes. And King Snakes must be good, too, they eat Rattle Snakes. Oh, and Anteaters a good too. As much as I admire them, Wolverines must go down as evil. They soil what is left of their kill so nothing else will eat it.


Geese (chasing, hissing, hateful birds)
Earwigs (butt pincers. 'nuff said)
Raccoons (liked them up until one scared me and made me shriek like a schoolgirl)
Herons (One tried to poke my face off from inside a cage at a vet clinic I worked at. Hey, I just fed you!)


Cats (Best. Attitude. Ever.)
Ferrets (Well dispositioned, if a little bitey)
Dogs (All around best pet. Except Pomeranians, which are 100% evil from concentrate)

If you read H.P.Lovecraft you’ll learn that Dolphins are most definately Evil, they must have the best spin doctors to come up with Flipper the TV series.

Wolves have been considered Evil for the longest time. And the good/evil dicotomy between Sheep and Goats is in the Bible.

Eels are evil in my book. The Giant Manta Ray was also known as the Devil Fish, though it is a peaceful pleasant creature.

Everytime people talk about evil animals they forget about hippos. They may seem lazy and docile, but they are in fact evil little tubs of lard that attack peoples boats and are hard to see in the mud. They often attack without being provoked and can run really fast for short periods of time.

I’ll second geese, they can actually pinch off a grown mans finger if they try hard enough.

It’s simple: all animals that wear black hats are evil, all animals that wear white hats are good.

I thought you people knew this stuff! :dubious: :wink: :smiley:

What about bald eagles then?

Well, they’re a problem.
They’re either Rampaging Native Americans (if this film was shot in the 30s-60’s), or Noble & Ecologically-Sensitive Native Americans (if the movie was shot in the 70’s < ).

Or, it’s a Rogaine commercial.
I dunno.

SPIDERS!!! WTF DID YOU NEVER READ “charlotes Web”???
that and Ravens are only evil in the European context, Some Native Americans kinda consider Raven to be the creator…
wolves…man Mogli was RAISED BY WOLVES!!!

but Squirrels are definitly evil.

Ladybugs are good? Ladybugs?! I have never crossed a creature that was more annoying and diabolical than ladybugs. My parents home has a long history of being infested by ladybugs during the winter months. The fly around everywhere, constantly tapping on light sources, making the most annoying sound. They would often land in my bed, and I’d find crushed up ladybugs on my sheets.

They stink, they infest, and they are near impossible to effectively control. Many times have I been sitting innocently in my old room, only to have a ladybug decide that my face would be a good place to land. Make no mistake, ladybugs are awful creatures out to endeavor in evil at any time.

Cats are definitely evil. That’s why I love them! (I’ve had cats as pets for most of my life).

Beavers are evil. I don’t know how they became Canada’s National Animal, the big, fat, tail-slapping rodenty bastards.

Oh, I forgot gophers, who are actually evil, but they don’t know it, because they’re also quite stupid.

In my old neighborhood the squirrels would stand around street corners, wearing leather jackets and smoking. More than once I would overhear one say “Hey Eddie, I tink dat’s da guy what took your nuts.” I would just throw money at them and then run away as they chuckled.

Anyone who puts goats on the good list has never looked one in the eye. Goats are totally evil, dude.

<Church Lady>WELL! I hope you’ve learned to keep your hands off other peoples’ nuts! Or, at least to wash your hands afterwards!</Church Lady>

The reasons I said goats is because of Billy Goat Gruff.

But now that you mention it, the goat is the animal version of Satan. :smack: