Which animals have hymens?

Which animals have hymens?

Only horses and humans.

Hell if I know why.

Wrong. Quoth the Master:

Bolding is mine.

Well…as much as I trust Unca Cec…

I can’t find a site to corraberate his post.

Do you have one?


The female ones?

hyena hymens, hmmm?


Um, how about the one listed right there in Cecil’s column? Female of the Species: Sex and Survival in the Animal Kingdom, by Bettyann Kevles (1986). Amazon’s even got it in stock, used.

Do you have a cite for your assertion?

Llamas have hymens, according to this site, though they usually atrophy by the age of six months to one year.

I believe lemurs also have hymens, but I can’t find a citation.