Which bank has the most branches in Athens, GA ?

Should be able to Google this, but I can’t.

I just went to Google Maps and searched for different well known banks in the Athens area (BB&T, Wells Fargo (nee Wachovia), Bank of America and Suntrust). BoA has the most results, but several of those are just ATMs. It’s possible a local bank has more branches, but I doubt it.

Bank of America first, Wells Fargo second, other banks afterwards. But if you work for UGA (and perhaps other employers), Wells Fargo is the bank that has some sort of agreement with them (in terms of getting some special accounts without paying fees or with reduced fees, or opening them with less money than others, or regarding loans, etc.)

Using the banks’ websites, I find…

[li]BofA has eleven locations. Four banks and seven standalone ATMs.[/li][li]Wells Fargo has seven locations. Four banks and three standalone ATMS.[/li][li]BB&T has six locations. Two banks and four standalone ATMs.[/li][/ol]

If you want actual banks, it’s a tie between Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

No idea how many actual ATMs each bank has - the sites just give locations, but there’s probably two or three at a bank location, and the standalones are usually just one per location, but busy places like grocery stores might have two.

The FDIC has a nifty service for this called BankFind (linked to the Athens, GA results page.

It looks like the bank with the most locations is SunTrust Bank at seven. Note that this doesn’t include ATMs.

The FDIC is returning things that aren’t necessarily banks you can go to*. Using SunTrust’s website, there are six banks and two standalone ATMs. One of the banks is inside a Publix grocery store.

If you count banks, SunTrust has the most in Athens, but BofA still has the most locations if you add ATMs to the total.

*The other location on the FDIC search is a “messenger service” that does not appear when searching on the bank’s website. Not sure what that really is - might be an actual courier service, or it might be just a night deposit vault.

You can go to this site and count them:


Presumably, each one with a separate phone number is a separate manned location.

My friend recently moved to Athens and this was what i found.

She was a Chase customer before but had to change her bank since there are no Chase branches in Athens. Not sure which bank she ended up with.