Which candidate will cure you of outrage fatigue and why?

I’m actually thinking about a specific strain of outrage fatigue: the fake news stories being passed off to journalists, the expansion of secret wiretaps, the paying of pundits without disclosure, the suppression of contrary scientific reports, the increase in secrecy, Guantánamo, waterboarding, secret renditions, etc.

I’m not so much asking about accusations of general incompetence, appointments, cronyism, or purely political decisions that you may find disagreeable — but if you want to include them go ahead. I guess I’m just trying to avoid the “well, my candidate is smarter than Bush and their candidate, so there” or “my candidate will appoint better judges than your candidate.”

I’m also not looking to delve into whether or not specific instances are outrageous — if you think any of the examples I gave were not outrageous, no problem. If you think just one or two don’t belong, fine. If you want a whole new list — that’s a paddlin’. Go ahead and be as general or specific as you want (like you need my permission for that :rolleyes: )

I tend to point to The Economist cover from a while back that said “America Gets it Right” when it shaped up to be a McCain/Obama race. However, McCain has shifted not so much to the right, but to the right wing radio. His embrace of silly gimmicks, negativity, and some measure of pandering suggest that he’s not the candidate I used to believe in. While I think he’ll pull back from how far Bush has gone, I think he sacrificed some of his honor in pursuit of the position.

So far, Obama hasn’t really had to go negative per se (not that he hasn’t, just that he hasn’t been in the same place or gone to the same lengths as McCain), and he seems to recognize that he stands to benefit more from taking the high road than using ends to justify his means. But then again, a lot of that is marketing hype, so feel free to disabuse me of that notion.

Those are my two cents… any thoughts?

I doubt it would occur to Obama or McCain to do any of that stuff. But, a McCain Administration would have considerably more Bush holdovers who might keep such things going; an Obama Administration means a clean sweep, allowing for civil-service job protection.