Which Civil War general are you? (A quiz)

I don’t usually take these online quizzes, but my brother created this one, so I thought I should be supportive. Which Civil War General Are You?

I am Robert E. Lee:

(I’m not the family’s Civil War buff, so if the info ain’t accurate, don’t be calling for my head.)

I am George McClellan:

I think it’s because I picked “I’ll try to win in a way that harms as few people as possible.” I guess that means trying to avoid fighting at all . . .

WTF??? That can’t be right, can it?

I’m Sherman (!!).

I’m flattered, but I think I’m much more like John Winger (see Stripes (Columbia Pictures, 1981)).


Figures I would be Stonwall Jackson.

Another Billy Sherman here.

Now where’s Georgia again ? I feel like taking a walk :smiley:

I tried answering every question exactly opposite to the way I would normally have answered it, and I came out with Sheridan, too. :smiley:

Stonewall, here

I’m another Sheridan.

Another Lee.

This makes some sense. Duty motivates me, I’m as good as any other person, my enemies could be my friends after the war, obligation and honor were the most important thing and my virtue. Also, if my state seceded from the Union* I’d probably fight on its side.
*Just a matter of time ‘til we start ah risin’ up aggin…

The quiz labelled me as Sherman, which I thought odd since I picked “win by hurting as few people as possible”…

I know which general I should really be sadly, my real name is Burnside.

I am…

Grant. I’m surprised that I’m the first to get this one…

Another stonewall jackson reporting in

Sheridan here.

(I always did like him.)


Identical result and rationale here. Additionally, I share McClellan’s tendency to overestimate the enemy’s strength and resolve even as I assume I’m smarter than my opponent/s.

me too.

God lord, did anyone teach that man the proper use of a hair brush? Sheesh…

WTF?? I’m born in Atlanta, live 25 of my 31 years in various parts of the South, have a great-great-grandfather who was a Confederate soldier (and valiantly, um, surrendered at Pensacola), and I get a Union general???


I’m McClellan, probaly for the same reason as Colibri and Sternvogel.

Grant here.

Another Grant.