Which classic rock song is this?

Heard this on the radio a few times but can’t remember any lyrics or other info.

Played what I remember as the intro/main riff on the piano though I don’t think it’s necessarily a piano song. Anyone ideas?



Maneater, Hall and Oates

“I Can’t Tell You Why” by the Eagles.

Thank you!!!

You’re welcome! That’s an awesome song.

Rio, Duran Duran.

I must say, first time I associated the Eagles OR Hall & Oates with anything awesome.

And here I thought it was going to be a Clash song…

Clearly the Eagles song, but interesting that the notes are similar to the H&O song, just with a different rhythm…

Indeed. Very underrated too. I’ve spent months trying to figure out which song it was and searched through all different kinds of bands, cause it’s not one of those songs you hear on classic rock stations everyday. Needless to say, once you told me, I immediately bought the song.

My husband and I do that all the time, too - we’ll hear some forgotten classic while at dinner or something and make a note of it and go buy it when we get home. :slight_smile:

Brilliant. I wish everyone else who wanted a half-heard song identified had the wherewithal and talent to do this.

I think you never hear it on classic rock stations because it almost has a disco rhythm to it.

It’s from “The Long Run”, one of the Eagles’ best albums, but one which has somewhat faded into obscurity on radio for some reason.

One of the very few Eagle tunes with bassist Timothy B. Schmit on lead vocals.

Made me think of part of the riff from “She’s A Rainbow” by the Rolling Stones.

He also sings on another of my favourite Eagles’ tunes, “Love Will Keep Us Alive.” I guess I’m a fan of his. :slight_smile:

Wow - another blast from the past that I haven’t heard in ages! I just went and bought this song - thanks!