which comes first, 1 or 2

when one sits on the, er, throne…how does one’s body decide which to do first, number one or number two?

Uh… I would guess that it would be whichever one that you have to do more urgently. Which, in my experience, tends to be #2, but not always. I suppose some experimentation with laxatives and water is in order.

Is this different for males and females?

For me, number one is number one. Could this have something to do with the pressures in the relevant body area?

Well, there is a smaller set of muscles closing off #1 vs. the muscles closing off #2. So I would think that if your nerves sent the “open” signal to both at the exact same time, #1 would start flowing first.

But this is largely a response trained into people as toddlers, and I would think the answer varies for different people – you do it whatever way you were trained as a child, and hardly ever even think about it.

Trained? Are there parents who take an active role in this distinction?

And I seem to remember something like this in a previous thread, and there were some guys who did/could not do both at the same time, IIRC.