Which country is next?

Submitted as sarcasm in another thread, I offer it up for debate.

I dunno if the current administration is that crazy, but there’s already been talk that Saddam Hussein might have escaped to Syria, and may have been stockpiling WMDs there for some time. (Sorry, I don’t have a cite. It was somthing offhand either on a network news broadcast or in the paper.) Don’t be too surprised if that’s the next stop on the freedom train.

Of course Kim Jung Il might make that decision for us. With a million men ready to fight and nukes we know are on hand and quite possibly deliverable to our west coast, he could strike any time. After all, we are a little distracted just now.

Nice world, isnt it! :dubious:

I cannot express how scary the possibilty of a second Korean War is.
A conflict on the Korean peninsula would be a disaster, both in military and humanitarian terms.
The DPRK has massive stockpiles of chemical weapons, and I doubt they would hesitate to use them in an artillery barrage on Seoul.
In such a war, there is a real possibilty the US would be defeated.

hey, its close…