Which country's government detained a reporter exposing its lies to the public?

That would be the United States, last Friday at the State Department.


It’s hard to know what to make of this. Hard to pin this one on the Bush-Ashcroft-Rumsfeld Axis of Evil, as it involves long-time State Department officials who transcend Democratic and Republican administrations. It also involves a reporter for a very much Right-leaning publication.

Kudos to Joel Mowbray, for continuing to dig and not taking their bullshit at its face.

Gee, maybe in hindsight we shouldn’t give visas into America to Saudi Arabians without so much as a cursory interview. You know, because of the little glitches, like certain users of that program crashing airliners intentionally into skyscrapers.

Richard Lowry, Editor, National Review, I salute you! Way to stand up for your reporter!

Mr. Mowbray, US State Department, you are a disgrace, and I spit on your shadow.

Well, where is Winston Smith when you need him?

“Am I being detained?”

“Why no. No no no no no. No. Nothing of the sort. Of course not. Oh, you want to leave? Well, now you’re being detained.”

My condolances to my American cousins. So, when is the name officially being changed to the “United Police States?”


Shit. It seems every week I hear yet another story of our government sliding slowly but surely down the slipperly slope of Constitutional violation. It’s been a bad, bad year.

This weekend on PRI they had a skit where people were at a dogpark with their dogs–their dogs all being manifestations of things that have been in the news. One person’s dog was Baseball. Another was MegaCorporation. Economy was a pathetic looking stray. One uncontrolled dog was War on Terrorism. Anyway, the whole thing was pretty well done, but the skit ended when someone showed up with a fluffy cute little Civil Liberties and the War on Terrorism attacked it. Heh.