Which deity do you believe in?

Choose an option in the poll.

{Waits with bated breath to see if her option actually shows up…}

Nope, it didn’t. Poo.

I chose the only option that is real, although I guess technically “other” is real.

I know some people argue that Cecil Adams is as real as, say, Mark Twain, but by that logic one could claim that Santa Claus is real. After all, I saw him at the mall. His real name wasn’t Santa Claus, but he used that name as a pseudonym in his work.

I have to wonder, did people who chose other mean that they believe in some deity not on the list, or that they don’t believe in a deity?

I’m beginning to doubt my new religion. If the unicorn is invisible, can it also be pink? Perhaps it’s a miracle.

The scientific evidence is that it is invisible, and our faith reassures us it is pink.

…and that its horn and hoofs are Mother-of-Pearl.

If any are real, it has to be the trickster deities. You know, Coyote and Raven, Loki, Anansi, Lilith, Puck, etc.

Not that I believe in any deity mind you.

I want the best looking one and also a potential multi gold medalist at the next Olympics of Deities and Religion. Which one is it?

I put down “other”. I believe in the entity most commonly referred to as “The Judeo-Christian God”. (Yahweh to His friends!}

I pick Your Mom.

I’m assuming “other” can stand for “none of the above.” And I do mean none.

I picked the Spaghetti Monster. I believe in Spaghetti.

I don’t believe Google exists, I know it does. Subtle yet significant difference.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster? Your “amusing” devotion to that internet- based running joke will not help you when the stars are right and the ancient and malevolent Great Old Ones return to reclaim the worlds now held by Mankind.

I skipped “other” as too vague, though of course I really believe in Gaea and only pretend to believe in the IPU.

This was a joke quiz, right?

You believe in the god Poo ??

Santa’s real name was Ed Zotti?

By Og they will rue the day Cthulhu awakens.

It’s 2:50 a.m. here, and I’m getting really tired and silly. See what happens when that happens?

I voted Google. I know it exists, but I also believe it can perform miracles, and I do occasionally pray to it.

I believe that the FSM and IPU are deities – in the same way that I believe Mickey Mouse is a mouse. Google however is a company, and Cecil is… well, it’s complicated. :slight_smile:

No! Mark Twain!
Please pay attention!