Which device do you spend more of your free time on?

I’ve been using an iPad lately, and I absolutely love it just to browse, read, and watch videos.

I spend more time on the computer, though. Too much of a power user to rely on an iPad.

(p.s. - let’s not count office hours, cause obviously the answer would be a computer)

my laptop

i don’t have a tablet or smartphone

I voted “smartphone (outside of talking)” because that’s basically what an iPod Touch is. An iPhone without the phone.

I work from home, in front of this computer all day, so when I’m done with work and using a device it’s my iPod Touch in front of the TV.

Of course, that’s kind of a fib because April-September/October I spend 3-4 hours a day in front of this computer following the Indians game and listening to the game on the radio, not in front of the TV…but the goal is always to get to the iPod and the tv!

Laptop. It’s rarely off and it means I can waste time on the 'net and watching TV together.

Smartphone. Because I was intensively on a computer and want to get away from it. For this reason, I have no interest in getting a tablet - I’m sick of staring at a screen at the end of the day. So a phone is just there for when I want to quickly check something, or I’m on a bus or whatever. I don’t sit at home staring at a screen. Well, apart from the TV :slight_smile:

Computer. I type a lot, so I can’t do long stretches on a phone or tablet. I did get a small keyboard for my tablet, which helps, but I only use that if I’m far from home and have work or creativity to do.

I voted “tablet”, but my phone is probably a close second. I use my tablet as an ereader and I do the NY Times crossword on it. but on the three days a week I commute, I listen to about 2 1/2 hours of podcasts on my phone.

I have a tablet and use it but when I’m doing something that might involve typing I go to the laptop. Typing on the tablet makes me crabby. And as for linking to sites, forget it. Copy and paste? Hell no. I read books on the tablet and play some games. I don’t have a smart phone and keep alternating between I Must Have One and No Way. Since I have a grandfathered-in very cheap phone plan I am reluctant to change it and getting a smart phone would require a change, so No Way usually wins.

Computer. And I don’t have a tablet or smartphone (or even a non-smart cell phone; just a land line).

I am split between smartphone and computer. The computer is only used for work so I vote smartphone since when I have the choice I use my smartphone first.

Computer. I have a phone and tablet as well. The phone is fine when I’m out of the house and the tablet is nice for the couch or bed but neither allows me to type on a real keyboard or browse the web without worrying about weird formatting/browser issues.

I actually do own a Bluetooth keyboard for the tablet when I’m on vacation but no sense in using it at home when I already own a real computer.

I voted Other only because I’m on my laptop and cell most of the day - and when work is done, they go off. Period.

PC because Minecraft.

I work on my computer. I read books, play games, take notes, write, etc. on my iPhone. While I spend more total time on my computer, most of that is not free time.

My computers are and have been my nearly exclusive device for the last 25 years. Absolutely essential in teaching, both at home and as tools in the classroom. I still use my computers for several hours per day for research, surfing, making presentations for volunteer workshops, communication, and games.

My digital cameras are used for documentation of projects, and casually for trips and such.

I use my phone exclusively as a communication device, just like 50 years ago, except with voice mail, text messages, and a directory.

My wife uses my iPad, so I only use it on international trips. Domestic travel involves my laptop rather than the iPad.

Laptops were great when it was a cost of doing business (and someone else’s cost at that). These days, I’m not even sure if they have that keyboard mouse-nub anymore.
That little nubbin’ was a whole lot of fun, but my PC gets my work and my gaming done now…

I use my tablet as an e-reader, and since I read a lot - it wins for total time used.

I read a lot so I probably spend the most time each month using my Kindle (e-ink). On a daily basis my MacBook Air gets a couple of hours of action and my iPad mini gets used frequently but only for short durations.