Which Ed Is the Real Ed? (On Opal's Board)

Ed Zotti? EZotti? Both? Neither?


I’m “EZotti.” “Ed Zotti” is a spoof. I can’t believe you guys think I’d post something that lame.

The fact that there’s no email confirmation set up may be a problem for Opal. We have enough trouble with boomerang trolls even though we make 'em register a new hotmail account every time (and soon perhaps, a new free ISP, which is more of a hassle). If they don’t have to do even that, I suspect they’ll pop up like dragon’s teeth. However, maybe you’ll get lucky and won’t get the ones with pit-bull-like tenacity like we sometimes do; and if Opal’s site stays fairly small trolls will be easier to spot and dispatch than they are here. Still, she might want to consider requiring email confirmation.

I registered already (with a fake email addy, to see if it could be done). But I likely won’t post; I waste enough time here. :smiley:

Gaudere - I’ll probably bounce back and forth a bit for awhile myself. Although overall, I suspect that as I spend more time in the garden and on my bicycle, my MB time overall will continue to go down. (Work taking me on the road a lot these days, and being sick a couple of times, has pulled me away a lot lately anyway.)

But you’re right: I think Opal really should require email confirmation, and this shows why.

Ed - it had me fooled; at the very least, it was a very well-done impersonation, unlike ‘ED ZOTTI’ on this board a week or two back, who probably didn’t fool the 12-year-old trolls.

Anyway, if that makes me the sucker of the day, I’m it. :smiley:

I’d wondered where you’d got to recently, RT. I thought maybe you didn’t like us any more and were catting around with that ho DAMB (Darwin Awards MB) or sumpin’. ::sniff:: :wink:

I just registered over at Opal’s, and it seems like email confirmation is required now.

{{{I just registered over at Opal’s, and it seems like email confirmation is required now.}}}—waterj2

She just registered the UBB software, so that might account for the change. Other UBB features are now enabled as well.

“If our lives are indeed the sum-total of the choices we’ve made, then we cannot change who we are; but with every new choice we’re given, we can change who we’re going to be.”

Well, tar me , feather me and call me tweety bird!

I was doubtful because of the use of lame…
I am still in shock.

You are right Ed, it was lame, totally, dude.

They both are…
The Illuminatus Primus knows all :slight_smile:


Yes, I am an egomaniac; why do you ask?
…You didn’t ask?
Ah, but I knew you were dying to!
…You weren’t?