Which game should I play?

Out of all the games I have right now, there are a few that I’m thinking about playing. I just finished a string of civilization IV games that have left me a little frustrated . (I lost the last one within 2 turns of my spaceship victory! My vassal, ramesses (the bastard!!!) won a cultural victory). I need a cool down period before I start another game of civ. besides, I need some sleep also and civ always eats into my time in a big way. Its an addiction. I’ve felt an urge to reinstall Alpha centauri, but its got the same pitfalls as Civ…(well, its basically civ in a Sci-Fi setting). I’ll spend all night saying *“just one more turn”…

*Sim City 4? Is it any good? I was cleaning out an old drawer and found it and Rush hour. I bought them years ago, installed them on an old PC and never played it enough to really like or dislike it. i remember being frustrated a bit with zones and traffic, but only in a “I don’t know enough about this game yet” way. I’m wondering if its worth installing agian? Anyone got any experience with this game?

Arcanum: Now, I like this game. but i’ve never played it to the end. again, it was an old PC and when i moved it was just forgotten. but i was having a good time with the game. I keep telling myself that one day I’ll play it to the end, and I may. But not right now. It takes quite awhile to finish IIRC. Too bad theres no sequel.

Neverwinter nights 2 and its sequel: I finished NWN2, installed the sequel and jnever really played it much. I probably will finish it one day, but i got frustrated with the toolkit.

City of heroes/villains and World of Warcraft: i haven’t played it for awhile. I think i just got tired of grinding. i had already got one character to level 50, and working on several others. It got a bit tiresome so i took a break from it to play WoW. I like playing WoW but like CoX my main problem is i like to solo and both games make that hard.