Which grown-up characters had something that seemed unacceptably childish?

Shirley Feeney had Boo-Boo Kitty, and I couldn’t buy the idea that a grown-up would have that awful thing.

Cliff Huxtable had pajamas very similar to those that my mother had bought for me, but he was a grown man and pajamas were for kids.

Actually, it might be more interesting to think of stuff that we totally didn’t have the perspective to see as incongruous at all, but I for one can’t think of anything right now.

Radar O’Reilly had a teddy bear.

I was always kinda disturbed by the holodeck in STNG. It’s the 23rd century, they’re flying around the galaxy in a starship, and the height of adult entertainment is LARPing?

On “Cheers”, Diane kept in her bedroom a menagerie of stuffed animals that she each gave a name to.

At the time, the holodeck seemed cool to me in principle, but I’d feel pissed off that they always used it for something lame and ordinary like being a western or playing cards or I can’t think of what else now. Like the writers wanted to have an ordinary sitcom instead.

This would make an interesting poll.

I don’t know about the rest of the male characters choices, but Leonard on TBBT and his superhero underwear is not just childish, it’s kinda creepy. If everyone else has them - and Sheldon seems likely - that’s creepy too.

Mr. Howell on Gilligan’s Island had a teddy bear. It always struck me as one step too ridiculous even for that show.

Steven Taylor from classic Doctor Who had a teddy bear. He had been stuck alone on a planet and he used it like Wilson in ** Cast Away**.

Not too childish but, Kojak had those lollipops, like he was trying to quit smoking or something.

Yeah, that was the idea (from wiki)

Many of the male clothing choices on TBBT seem childish. In the early seasons I would have sworn that Howard’s outfits were adult Garanimals, and wondered if that was the only way he was able to dress himself.

Petrocelli (I think I watched this show once) was always sucking on Life Savers.

Penny on TBBT also has a collection of stuffed animals.

In addition to many other quirks, Maynard G Krebs collected tinfoil and petrified frogs.

Isn’t the whole point of the show laughing at grown men for being into childish things?

There was an episode where Sheldon pointed out her hypocrisy in making fun of the guys for their “stupid and childish” collectibles when she herself collects Care Bears, Beanie Babies, My Little Ponies, and Hello Kitty.

Gilligan not only had a lucky rabbit’s foot, he actually believed it worked. Of course it did, just not in the way he had hoped.

Superhero underwear is sold in adult sizes in every Target, Walmart, and Kmart in this country.

I believe it was Rincewind the Wizzard who once declared, “My middle name is ‘Luck’. Mind you, my first name is ‘Bad’.”