Which Hermes "Les Etalons" scarf do you like best? $$$$$


Which one?

Les Etalons
Printed cashmere and silk scarf, 24.8" x 70.8"

No comments about the price, you gotta pay to play Hermes

I like the red version.

The red is very striking. The grey would be my second choice.

I like the navy/straw but probably because it’s springy looking and my brain has moved into the ‘Spring Clothing’ head space.

Ask me in September and I would probably go for the grey. I’m not that fussed on the red, just because that particular shade doesn’t work well with my colouring.

ETA: Are you purchasing one of these lovelies? If so, you should choose the colour that jumped out at you first. When I’ve waffled about colour and chosen something other than what first caught my eye, I’ve regretted it. (See the purple handbag purchased instead of the burnt orange because purple was the ‘hot’ colour. Grumble.)

The burgundy first jumped out at me, but before I purchased, someone said they preferred the Navy/Straw because the pattern is easier to discern. When I heard that, I had second thoughts.

Not being a millionaire, I can’t buy all three . . .

Although I agree fully that the pattern is easier to discern on Navy/Straw, that struck me as a negative and I selected the scarf where the pattern looks the most abstract and the least like horses: Charcoal/Black

I basically didn’t care for pattern very much, not on a grownup who is going to pay top dollar. I can get something quite similar in one of my catalogs for horse-crazy teens. Not in cashmere, etc, but I mean the pattern.

That’s my reasoning as well. I prefer the charcoal one precisely because it obscures the pattern.

Oh, my, they’re beautiful. I love the gray one. Very elegant.

I think it really depends on what color jacket/sweater it’s worn with.

I like the red one.

The light-coloured one would go good for toweling down the huskies though…

Navy/straw. Although I’d like it better if it was black and white, or cream. Goodness I knew they were expensive, but not that they were screamingly expensive!

However, if someone would like to purchase one for me, I’ll take this one.

I like the gray one. And I now feel a lot better about what I paid for a leather bag. :slight_smile:

Me too.

I voted Navy/Straw, because the charcoal one looks like a generic grey scarf to me. If you’re buying Hermes you want it to be noticeable. I’m not a huge fan of the red scarf look on a man, plus it seems like it would potentially clash with things whereas the tan would go with pretty much everything.

I like the pattern, but it strikes me as one that looks better when rendered more subtly. There’s just something about the navy/straw that just seems…overdone, as crazy as it seems to say that about a very stylized pattern rendered in neutrals. It’s a bit “Woohoo! Horsies!” I feel like the pattern is still very readable but looks more grown-up and tasteful in the gray or burgundy.

Are any of you serious? Eight hundred bucks for a scarf that looks like it was bought at Walmart?

Whew - good to know I’m not the only philistine around here.

First of all, the very first post asks for people like you not to bother commenting. Second, what did you expect in a thread about Hermes scarves? Basically, you just came in here to be a dick.

I love Hermes but hate this pattern; like several others, I like the gray because it obscures the pattern.

I like the red, but I reallllly like the turquoise that Ellen Cherry linked.