Which Hermes "Les Etalons" scarf do you like best? $$$$$

:rolleyes: Nope, there’s nothing noteworthy about spending $800 for a scarf. That’s not unreasonable at all. Just like the audiophiles who’ll spend $10,000 for a wire.

Why is it unreasonable? If it’s their money, they can afford it, and they like the scarf, why shouldn’t they buy it?

I’m going to have a bit harder time defending the $10,000 wire, but hey, to each his own. It’s not my money.

I agree with everything you said and would choose charcoal for the same reason. However, if it were merely an abstract print rather than horses, I’d go with the red.

I suspect the problem is that anyone asking a question about which Hermes scarf to buy is likely to come across as rather vulgar to a lot of people. A bit Carmella Soprano.

You know that the price is very obviously beyond the reach of most.

You may not be flaunting your wealth but it certainly comes across like that so you can’t be too surprised at some of the comments.

I don’t care what you spend your money on, value is in the eye of the beholder (personally I like the charcoal, and the feel of good quality cashmere is divine) I’m generally a frugal person but do splash out on the luxuries that matter to me, I wouldn’t however be surprised if I got stick for it.

Really? Even with those of us who can’t afford to buy it? Anyway this is a discussion for another thread. If you would like to discuss conspicious consumption, please start a new thread and quit hijacking ours. It’s very rude. We are merely admiring a picture of something pretty.

That looks almost exactly like the 70s era luggage my parents had when I was a little kid.

Am I the only one who thought that the OP was purely hypothetical? I didn’t actually get the idea that sassyfrass is going to rush out and buy the scarf we chose. Come on, who would base the purchase of an $800 scarf on a bunch of dorks on the internet?

I dunno…if you were on the fence about it and couldn’t decide if you could trust yourself to know whether you were just going “ooh shiny!” you might solicit some opinions about it.

And the advantage of a bunch of dorks on the internet as opposed to your friends is that they won’t hit you up for loans when they find out you’ve got enough money to buy an $800 scarf. :smiley:

Aside from, that, I’d wager that most people who buy Hermes or other expensive designer stuff do so because they want to show it off, so knowing that other people would think it was cool rather than ugly or tacky might be a plus. (I mean, honestly, that $8000 bag looks to me like something you’d buy at WalMart. I’m sure it’s fantastic quality and stellar workmanship, but to me it’s not an attractive bag. Everybody’s got different taste.)

I merely chimed to say how it may look to others. It wasn’t my intention to hijack further.

My apologies and I’ll bow out there.

And I honestly do like the charcoal.

BTW, I went with the red.

Charcoal. But I like the Infinity scarf better.

No no silly person! That’s no purse. Purses are just for ladies. It says right there in the description that it is a Unisex Jypsiere Shoulder Bag. Gents need a place to put all their fiddly crap too.

Anyway, I picked the charcoal scarf.

I like the black, but what I really like is is the red cashmere scarf for $1000.

I picked the red, but the grey charcoal is nice as well. The red would work better with my wardrobe - and the navy wouldn’t work at all with my wardrobe. And I think that is what it really comes down to - what are you going to wear it with. Its a bad thing to have a beautiful scarf (or jewelry or a purse) that doesn’t go with anything else in your closet.

I broke the red/charcoal tie by choosing charcoal. It just looks more like “money” to me.