Which human is The Human Genome from?

In the Human Genome Project, is the DNA from a particular human? If so, who exactly was it – What is the name of this person?

If not, how did they get the DNA… is it an edited section of one paritcular person, or some kind of amalgam of some people, or what?

IIRC, it isn’t from any ONE human, but different parts from different people.

I also recall something about the Docs working on it do not know and can’t even find out.

From the Human Genome Project websiteFAQ:

This is just a WAG, but…

One would think that in order to get an accurate human genomic map, one would need to compare many, many, many sets of human DNA from an extremely genetically diverse group of people, otherwise you end up having all sorts of group-specific genetic traits in your map.

IIRC one of the private companys that worked on it used the president of the company’s genes.

Thanks August (and others), I believe that answers me. Boy, that would have been a great trivia question!

Indeed, the Genome Map published in Science indicates the density of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms–which could only be found by examining many specimens. My suspicion is that they used between twenty and thirty samples, on average, for any given part of the genome.

[hijack]Have any of you seen the map? It’s about 3’ by 4’, and barely readable at that size. Extremely cool stuff. At least for us molecular biologists. :)[/hijack]


One of my professors was actually involved in collecting some of the samples that ended up being used. For technical reasons, they were especially interested in people that came from very large families.

Yeah, I mentioned the same rumor in this very similar thread, but is it true? I don’t know… is Mr. Venter is talking?

hey Laz, do you know where i can find a copy of it? i’m thinking it’d look pretty nifty on my wall.

Nature has printed up a supply of extra magazines to be given away free - it has the 3’x4’ chart in it. Go to their site and see if the offer is still open. You’ll probably get their site by checking with a search engine.


Well, there’s not that much group specificity in the humanity, so this is something less of an issue that it might seem. But the samples were relatively large and diverse.

Interesting side issue - apparently a company can patent the genes of a private person whose genes are being studied. This would allow them to charge other companies for using the information contained therein. There was a report on 60 Minutes about a guy who had a gene mutation that may have made him immune to AIDS. The research center that studied him has filed for a patent on his gene.

You can get a copy of the genome map from Nature magazine, with a subscription to the magazine. The web page and all the info: http://www.nature.com/nature/